Monday, August 20, 2012

After 2 Years of Stagnation; Bar President Sama Poised to Reunify, Restore her lost Reputation & Credibility

The commitment was taken by the most learned Barrister Sama Francis Asanga of Sama Chambers Bamenda before home based and international Press organs at his office conference hall in a press conference delivered a day after his crushing and exciting victory with three rivals up front in the last Bar AGM of 12 August 2012.
Barrister Sama Francis Asanga emerging victor of the long and most await elections of the Bar assembly for powers to change hands has attracted the attention of every kin and kind, most loved and celebrated, the distinguished Sama of all is the sing song of every deliberation table.
Sama known reputed to be a fire brand Barrister and with countless success achievements before, together with the fact that he has been SDF’s Private Lawyer and Special adviser leaves nobody with disappointment of his appointment, rather hope is seen, essence glaring, the future very bright and the sky normally the limit for the Bar Association in Cameroon, before national and international challenging situations.
 His coming as most of whom we contacted, is an era for the Bar to take a new twixt, new frequency, follow a new ordinance, re-enhance and tailor Law based oriented activities to give more meaning and credibility to the corp. it is obvious that for over some two years now, there have been some existing wrangles within the Bar, with those practicing and the state. That not with standing, time being the true test of assessment and ability has brought in a young energetic, charismatic and buoyant Advocate to the service and rescue of the Bar’s Ship which was at the point of wreck.
In the Press Conference at his office Barrister Sama Francis Asanga of all reiterated and stressed that the two years given to him will be meant to exact, enhance, put in place flexible policies based on feasible studies to suit and better the interest of Lawyers the profession and protect the interest of the Nation. He acknowledged the deficiency and the setbacks which the association was undergoing and confessed that will be his starting point in the process of real change and dynamics and the respect of ethics in the profession will begin.
Not under estimating and degrading the works of his predecessors, he observed that his office as President of the Bar talking for and defending the Law and Lawyers, will constantly be in close consultation with the past bar President.
In the long and short communion with the Press on a day termed “Big Day Maria” all over the world, Barrister swore to uphold the principles for which he was elected and to defend the rights of his pee not leaving out the common man.
He also under took the commitment to make available to most Lawyers more Impregnation seminars and capacity building programs to foster better practice. 
He in a sum summation took and oath to work with the Press, the society at large with the help of the international community to protect the rights of the underprivileged.
To many Barrister Sama’s coming is an era of grace and victory in the Lord for those of the Legal profession and to those they are serviceable to.
Barrister Sama Francis Asanga is an old name in the Cameroon Bar, Married, from Santa, to be specific Baba II, a Christian, member of the Rotary club international and a philanthropist of the first class. He is simple, God fearing, honest and posses the charm of an astute leader, genuine and credible to the first degree.

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