Monday, August 20, 2012

Security Information to the Presidency about UBa’s Enemies, Radars all arround

The University of Bamenda created in December 10, 2010, during Biya’s visit to the North West Region on the occasion of the celebration of Cameroon’s’ 50 anniversary of the armed forces day, which had known no peace since then, has started breeding in an air of relief given that most of the Machiavelli hands behinds all the manipulations here are beginning to surface thanks to Divine exposure and the government is not taking it lying down.
God being so kind and knowing the way he does his things for the interest of his children who are persecuted for nothing and only left to be vindicated by circumstances has work out a terrible miracle which is finally putting an end to all the witch-hunting exercise that had taken centre stage and held hostage the University of Bamenda to the point of stagnation, at the same time vindicating and proving right the actions of the VC Chancellor Prof Edokat Tafah Edward projecting him messianic today.
Which is very fortunate of him and was very unfortunate when all the varied misdemeanors characterized his very much smooth intended ways of running the University for the Love and joy of North Westerners was regarded bad.
All their works are in vein “once you toil in the Lord, as enemies of yours shall start seeing their doom at every one moment”.
Which is exactly what is so operational at UBa now, being the making of God, making all the reverse now true;             
All about Prof Abety Peter’s Maneuvers, To site on the very first instance when the University of Bamenda was given to North West it is this same Prof Abety who claims to be advocate of no decentralization of Faculties as an elite who moved up to CRTV spraying and dissipating the good news of how lofty the idea of spreading out the Faculties was.  Today so soon and suddenly is now the Herald with deceit championing the course to no decentralization of Faculties, mobilizing forces and giving the whole show a CPDM Party coloration to the chagrin of SDF’s who see the University made and created for everybody.
In another instance Prof Abety because of gullible and selfish interest meeting with the waterloo of not being appointed Vice-Chancellor to UBa, choose to use the population and ignite rebellious catalyst harmful for the smooth running of the University, by so doing make the higher powers that be to see no favor or reason in what so ever Prof Tafah will be doing be it good.
As such embarked on a series of campaigns and ploy, the first was creating an umbrella organization (TUP3 Tubah Union for peace progress and prosperity) which will cover any rebellious exercise in the name of advocating for the people of Tubah host of UBa putting their heads under the same thinking cap while playing over their intelligence imposing his exigent selfish thoughts, since he is a man who wants everything to revolve and centre around him favorably.
His second mission agenda was to visit Yaounde to discredit Prof Tafah Edward Edokat before the higher authorities which hit the rock because all that which was levied against the VC was seen concocted by his detractors.
Picking up his second doom and noticing very well and truly that the VC was not advocating for any decentralization given that he has investments around Bambili that depends on the University being all in place, not wanting to be a looser, he tailored in another invisible idea meant to make profit by rating the cash value of the land allocated to the University by the four Fons of Tubah to be 50 Billion frs CFA this was over CRTV Bamenda. Which was later interpreted by government as already hasty demand for compensation, even when the Ministry is still struggling to cough out money for infrastructures and logistics. As a take on that, the VC responded to World Echoes that”we shall admit no land for any compensation what so ever coming from us by the way, the so call is talking like who? Like Somebody who gave the university a parcel of land? “I told him in his face to leave me manage the university as I think, and not go around inciting the public out rightly and unnecessarily”.
Not still feed up, disappointed with the maintenance of Prof Tafah Edokat in the last Ministerial Shake up, with impunity vows him no favor until that seat is left vacant for a Bambili or Bambui man.
These and many tied to all the wrangles associated to all the fates, has pushed the VC of UBa to put to the notice of the Presidency, the Ministry and the security what is in play and is in practice by his detractors. As we report radars and monitoring mechanism are all stationed  waiting to hold captive perpetrator and orchestrators of strike actions in and arround UBa.

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