Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet VC Prof Tafah Edokat Edward in an Executive Interview with World Echoes; UBa Making the Difference; Automobile Institute of Transport & Logistics Soon

Meeting with the astute Administrator, the genuine intellectual of high esteem and caliber, in the high profiled environment of the Chancellery this Reporter sharing from the effervescence that played host of the premise enjoying relative calm, and all back to normal after countless maneuvers by malicious individuals to wreck the smooth governing polices and principles of the Vice-Chancellor to the University of Bamenda to no avail.
Now that Biya’s Presidential Decree has brought in a new, big and strong hands to forester the dreams of Prof Tafah’s Vision for the Future kind of way to run the university, UBa “I think the University that I Boss will stand tall with the differences which shall be clear and unique of her”.
Prof Tafah “I think with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof Nze Emvele Etiene from Yaounde, the Deputy VC research & cooperation  Prof Ndiva Mboa Fritz from Buea an apex researcher, the Deputy VC in charge of internal control Prof Dashaco John from Yaounde a seasoned Lawyer, the Registrar Prof Carl Mbofoung from Ngoundere, the Director of HTTTC Prof Akume,  the Director of HTTC Prof Fai Cornelius Lukong, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Science Prof Kwabang and others, we shall meet all the challenges that are but abound to get the university on the fastest gear as possible at 10 months of operation with the first Semester done and the Second semester ongoing”.
Prof Tafah 
 “you can see for yourself that all the handy works of my detractors have been brought to ruination by the almighty loving God that I serves lectures are going on, manipulations and instigations to invite strike averted”.
The Man Prof Tafah Edward Edokat
Is a  man from a very humble beginning, who lost the father at the age of four, brought up purely and acutely in religion, with a measured life style worked out his way to fame through the varied educational ladders with the helping hands of the good and loving Savior that he serve and lecturers.
From Oshie, Ngie Sub-Division, Momo Division hails, the noble, humble steward of the University of Bamenda. In 1976 to 79, he obtained a Bachelors Degree in Economics at the University of Lagos, in 1979 to 80, at Ibadan obtained a Masters in Economic, took up lecturing at the University of Dschang in 1984,  in October 1988 flew back to Nigeria for the PHD Program where upon termination was invited to teach at the University of Yaounde II Soa, in 2003 was sent to Dschang as Dean, later promoted in 2010 as Vice Rector of Dschang University and appointed to Boss the Prestigious University of Bamenda.
Prof Tafah Edward the seasoned Lecturer, has published more than 25 articles in local and international journals, of international standards, and is a visiting Professor to the African Economic Research Consortium in Nairobe for the collaborative Economic program and the University of Diaaisarlam. He is married, very illustrious to Oshie and the Momo Fons who honored him with a traditional title shortly after appointment.
Balance sheet of stewardship for the over 10 Months in office
From September 30 2011, the Vice Chancellor with the available and affordable means has been able to put in place measures that will ensure the smooth running and functioning of the school.
Established the functioning of the three new Faculties of Health science, Science and Management added to HTTTC and HTTC. Rounded up the first semester, presently on the second and laying ground works to ensure more credible and reliable entrance to the various schools and faculties shall be managed. “With a new team of collaborators hopefully the new dream vision for a university with quality breeds and yields will come to pass for dedicated services to our loving country Cameroon” say the VC
On Going Projects
By the next academic year, the ongoing restaurant project under construction will be completed, the pedagogic block, the University Laboratory and the Administrative block that shall host 21 offices, not also forgetting terracing works which are on going to secure and carve out the University premise and land.
The long and short story of the one on one with the Vice-Chancellor to the Bamenda University reveals a lot about the astute qualities in the humble person of prof Tafah, who sees beyond the horizon for the university he manages and will not let any form of distraction avert his smooth, dedicated, focused and well oriented ways of reasoning for his University. As a challenge to other Cameroonian state universities, feasibility studies are been made to see the introduction of a twelfth school, which is the Institute of transport and logistic known to no university in Cameroon.

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