Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mayor Rebukes Anti Development Bafut Elite

Mayor Langsi Abel Ngwasuh, Mayor Bafut Council who doubles as chairman of the management committee of the Bafut District Hospital has rebuked Some Bafut elite over what he termed backstabbing and anti Development aiming to negatively pant his tenure dubious. The condemnation was voiced on February 12, 2013 on the occasion of the inauguration of the maternity building and reception of medical equipments and furniture for the Bafut District Hospital. The inaugurations and reception of the medical equipment included the reception of a new bridge leading to the government reserved area at Alonji, a block of two class rooms equipped with benches and teacher’s table, a cupboards a toilet and water point at GSS Agyati. The project has been realized in partnership with the National Community Driven Program PNDP. Speaking to clear the air on the accusation of the inauguration of the sponsored project by the council and funding body, to some of the elites, Mayor Langsi Abel Ngwasuh told them that while in his partnership mission with the Langsing city council in Michigan USA which has friendly ties with the Bafut council, stories speculated he was given a caterpillar meant for the Bafut Manjong Development Project. The caterpillar, he went on was hidden by him, the Fon of Bafut HRH Abumbi II and the president of Bafut Manjong Development union Fusi Namumkong. He went on and elaborated that, he the Fon and the president of the Manjong Bafut union hid it some where and were collecting money form the population to later bring out the caterpillar for selfish reasons. The Mayor wanted those enemies of progress to continue gnashing their teeth in anger and frustration while the train of Development moves on. Confusion he said brings down the development effort of some Bafut elite to the detriment of the needing population. On development train, the Mayor, Langsi Abel used the occasion and thanked the members of “Achamboo “for their developmental effort. The members have donated twelve modem medium size wooden beds with mattresses with some facilities costing over 1.200.000FCFA. The group formed in Mbengwi in 1999 by some Bafut elites who worked there, had the vision to mount series of development projects in their council area. The president of the Achamboo social group Tangye Joseph Ambe on his part highlighted that, since health is wealth and so a healthy person is therefore a wealthy person. Reasons why he and his Achamboo members have chosen the health sector to commence their Development assistance. He has advised the elite from their different localities to do all it takes to form associations and develop Bafut to become a modern community. In the chain of speeches presented during the august event, the principal of GSS Agyati chinwi Emmanuel Ngwa while he received the two modem classrooms, water point, toilet and benches appreciated the council through the mayor and his development partners PNDP for the donation. As Oliver Twist, wanting more, he requested for an administrative block to handle administrative matters and a GCE strong room as they pioneers write their GCE in 2015. He used the forum and challenged the community to be aware that, peace and stability can only be achieved in society by upright and responsible citizenship. Responsible citizenship he went on can only be achieved also by being molded, changed, filled and used for the development of society in provided structures. Speaking earlier, the regional delegate for public health for the North West region, Ndiforchu Victor on his part, called on the population of Bafut to be aware that, a maternity with no use will have no impact to it existence. They should make judicious use of the hospital. The RDH promised that, Bafut was the first to receive a maternity in the region with a low maternity cost of only 2000 francs paid for any delivery case in the hospital. No franc will be added for any complicated delivery, He warned. It will be recalled that, a wilderness cry ushered by the population on the dubious extortions of money by staff of the hospital during consultation of delivery or sick cases has come to rest seeing from the faces of the population during the pronouncement of the low cost by the Regional Delegate for public health for the North West, Ndiforchu Victor.

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