Thursday, March 28, 2013

Memo to Biya, after thank You March by Tubah

We the youths of Tubah Sub-Division did welcome the creation of the University which you declared on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of our National Defense force here in Bamenda. Your Excellency, our President, this University took off smoothly with its cradle being the advanced Teachers’ Training college in Bambili Tubah Sub-Division. Your Excellency you appointed, with your normal clairvoyance Prof Tafah Edokat to Head the Institution. We have realized with great dismay and disappointment that Prof Tafah might sail your smooth ship to wreckage. -since his appointment, Prof Tafah,has been recruiting auxiliary staff based on tribal lines. The University is for all Cameroonians, but his recruitments are for Oshie natives first. –the land that our fore fathers reserved in Pre-independence Cameroon for the development of higher Education in the then Anglophone Cameroon has been ignored by Prof Tafah.-He has discouraged University staff from taking residence in Tubah on the premise that the University is “passing” in Bambili Tubah Sub-Division.-There are attempts by Prof Tafah Edokat to forcefully claim land that houses the Bamenda cattle market for the construction of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office and residence.-Prof Tafah last Friday 18 January 2013 organized an out of campus graduation ceremony in the Bamenda Congress Hall which unlike the school hall could not accommodate the population leading to serious health accidents. –Your Excellency we the youths of Tubah, - Are not against the decentralization of the University of Bamenda, -are against the decentralization of what is not yet built, -Are pleading that the reserved land be used before the tentacles of the University begins to spread,- are requesting that the Politicians of the North West Regions desist from tearing this new born baby apart,-are promising maximum cooperation to the Head of State as you drive Cameroon towards emergence in 2035,- are wishing you, our Head of State more wisdom and clairvoyance so that you may be able to keep away all those who are not helping you to attain your objectives. God Bless you our President, signed, Ashaga George, Ndikum PETER, Afinui Edwin, Asongwe Emmanuel, Bekeni Paul Chi, Sonbong Martin, Awemo Augustine, Awah Richard, Mbosi Divine, Munjo Thomas, and Tamukum Princewill.

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