Thursday, April 25, 2013

After CPDM Undisputed Victory in North West; Achidi Pleads Fru Ndi’s Case & others into Senate *Fon Teche or Chafah in!, Lawyer Amongst? *Achidi President of Senate, *Stage Set for another Great Humiliation *Prof Agbor\Fadil Next PM

Pa Akamancho Emeritus Ex-Prime Minister Simon Achidi Achu Meeting with the President of the Republic HE President Paul Biya and the Chief of cabinet Belinga Eboutu at the White house, on the 18th April 2013 after CPDM’s overwhelming and crushing victory in the North West Region, as sources closely linked to the Presidency holds. Pa Achidi Achu on the occasion of the invitation, accompanied by Fon Teche Nji of Ngemouwa village, pleaded the case of Fru Ndi now popularly known as “John Ntarikon” to be appointed and two others from the college of North West Fons and battery of Lawyers. Pa on the occasion is equally confirmed to have pleaded and stressed on the need of his involvement into Senate matters of this country to show love for ones brother. Politics for once in Cameroon is taking a different twist; it is no long a platform for a tooth for tat or battle for revenge, but one now for collective agreement and understanding for the betterment of its citizen. Cameroon going through all the odds of the 90s, and sequential chaos engineered or excited by gullible interest in the past are not of fashioned today. For Pa Achidi to be the first to present the Name of some one termed and likened to be his arch enemy proves of the man Achidi not revengeful, after all the accusations, blames and scorns thrown on Pa by the said those early hot days of Politics in Cameroon. Fon Teche Nji of Ngemouwa surely accompanied Pa to be presented or recommend a Fon who should normally be Fon Chafah XI of Bangolan his “Kaduna Maffia Friend” a Fon, very big, instrumental and influential in North West Politics, and amongst Fons who has held and is still holding a key Position amongst Traditional Rulers in Cameroon. Who hails from a Division Ngoketunjia, known to be the bastion of the CPDM in the North West with it’s over all Lord Almighty Fon Doh Gahgwanyi II of blessed memory. Looking at the Division, if one was to give to “Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what is of God” Babessi Sub-Division in Ngoketunjia is supposed to have one of its illustrious to be appointed. This is because; Bambalang already has a Chief of Cabinet, Ghogomo Paul, Balikumbat, a Senator and Parliamentarian, Dingha Ignatius and Bnami Emmaneul, Ndop a Parliamentarian, a Registrar and the alternate Njingum Musa, Prof Karl Bufung and chenyui Theresia. Baba village boasts of Moh Sylvester the Director general of treasuries in Cameroon, so it is indisputable that, this time is Babessi’s turn and Fon Chafah for the Fons is likely the best option, not Fon Teche Nji who is the President General of NOWEFU or Fon Aneng Francis who is a Poli-bureau members or Fon Angwafor II of Mankon who is the first Vice National Chairman of the party. For Lawyers on the reserve bench which it’s Bar Council President Sama Francis started lobbying for, in the North West, Barrister Kemende Henry, Ben Suh Nfor, Paddy Young and other close aids of the Bar President stand pronounce amongst names if that sector will be considered stand probability of being appointed. One thing is certain the case of Fru Ndi entering Senate or being appointed is Final, for with the voice of Right Honorable Simon Achidi Achu and that of other Cameroonians, John Fru NDI is Life into Senate without any contradiction. “You do good, you put for your kwa, you do bad, you put for your kwa” retributive justice! Says Achidi…….Who is heading for the Presidency of the Senate. Once appointed and of North West Origin it is absolutely clear and obvious that a Nordist, Fadil Bayerou, or a South Westerner, Prof Agbor Tabi will take over PM Ship from the present North West Yang Philemon.

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