Thursday, June 13, 2013

LISAC –partners with outreach

Progress report on LISAC’s activities in Cameroon amongst the indigenous groups has been feel by the World Outreach whose ministry whose objectives are to bring hope and Christ’s love to humanity through community development projects like water, women’s rights, gender equality, education, health and many other areas that works to give human being a better living condition in which love will lead is their main goal. Through a press briefing the Executive Director for LISAC Cameroon, David Mifang told journalists that his organization has been doing a lot to inform and educate Cameroonians and government as whole to ensure that the rural people benefit more from state resources as they suffers a daily tsunami in their living and are those whose hopes have been damaged as they are not being cared for even through government representatives within areas and still reports nothing back to state and or the urban people for proper understanding of the critical problems they face each day; what are the real problems of the rural woman, rural girl, and their living conditions. Society should not politicize all human endeavors, this is not correct. We should corroborate and build positive human relations, healthy in all areas of live which this will promote good will. I use this medium to call un responsible Cameroonians both at home and in diasporas to look behind and help those rural indigenous communities that are seeing themselves as being a mistake on earth for their troubles and cries are not being heard at all. These Cameroonians should know that giving is sharing in the blessings that comes from above and satisfies the heart and the spirit. We all have been given responsibilities which we most respond to if we want satisfaction in our spirit and heart, this call to rescue humanity most and should be obeyed. Today you see these International representatives from World Outreach; they have heard about our work and have come to see for themselves and today we have just signed a new partnership deal with them for the continues good work in helping rural communities live a better live and to fine grace in the sight of God. We trust that we will work continuously with all partners and the rural man through prayers and devotions we will attain our objectives for the collectively benefit of all. Let government know that the rural people need lots of supports, she should help in roods, health centers, not only schools where rural parents will employ teachers with nothing, how will a teacher perform that honorable duty without a pay? Government should give schools and also send teachers to such areas and not put more burdens on rural indigenous families who are those most deprived.

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