Thursday, July 18, 2013

Time for Ruthless Arrest Actions; HIV\AIDS on the Ravage in Ngoketunjia

HIV\AIDS Prevalence & Dominance in Ngoketunjia Divison Arithmetic’s, with over 5845 HIV\AIDS cases, 3 infected weekly &10s tested Positive Monthly Ngoketunjia Division one of the Seven Divisions that make up the North West Region of the Cameroonian Republic of recent with her reputed Ndop plain topography, her humid climate, with a population of 131,845, with 26 Health Units both confessional, Private and Public, viz progressive HIV\AIDS medical screening, test and administration of the Anti-retroviral Drug reported that the prevalence of the disease in that area of the country is witnessing arithmetic dominance as of the other 10 Regions of the Republic “proxy prevalence using the statistics of PMTC is high compared to the National 5.3 compared to 4.3 National” says the District Medical Officer (DMO). National statistics shows that North West comes in terms of percentage 2nd with 4.2 amongst other Regions, Ngoketunjia Division with its 13 villages and the respective populations of Bamessing(24409), Bamali(17277), Balikumbat(33824), Bafanji(19879), Bamunka(52046), Bambalang(38113), Babungo(12210), Baba I(16033), Babessi(13114), Bangolan(10214), Bamukumbit(11433), Bali Gashu(5369), Bali Gasing(1302) where HIV\AIDS is very rampant because of too much promiscuity and prostitution amongst, youths, elders and widows, comes first according to records from the District Medical office headed by Dr Bambo Emmanuel, who “invites Politicians and every person of the Division to take interest in knowing their HIV\AIDS status, offer voluntary counseling and make available health infrastructures to her ever growing population subjected to the devouring hands of the killer disease AIDS”. The Acquired immune deficiency syndrome which is contracted through sexual intercourse, blood transfusion or by using unsterilized items own dominance of this part of the country more on the fact that by nature girls, men and women of these areas are too flirtatious and very negligent when it comes to the use of condoms. Early marriages holds account to such a factor, where you have contaminated “sugar daddies” who go for youngsters, while widows of diseased victim go along with young boys, who on infection go back to their young girl friends who are placed vulnerable to the infection, in a circle that is how the infection goes. Rape and incest amongst the “bororos” who form a community (indigenous persons) living up behind the sacred Ngoketunjia hill who have and know very little about AIDS and condoms, witnesses brothers interlocking with sisters indiscriminately another contributing factor to the prevalence and dominance of the diseases. Mother to child infection is also one of the means through which the vice is spread since a good number of pregnant women do not go for (ANC) anti-natal clinic here because of poverty to easily be diagnosed such that mother to child HIV\AIDS transmission is prohibited through maternity counseling and drugs consummation. Their fair days commonly known as “market days” highly celebrated within these village circles always go with misadventures and excesses because of too much drinking, as they are rendezvous grounds for concubines “Njumba” to meet and carry out nasty practices in unscrupulous areas, at times behind market sheds and urinary. Cultural festivals, annual dances are other most important moments and venue in the lives of the people where amidst the ambiance, excitement and effervescence, terrible and horrible sexual practices are conducted and promoted by visitors, always in their thousands who take advantage of the naivety of the villagers to satiate their canal desires regardless of their status or that of victims. The insufficiency of HIV\AIDS testing centers, equipments is responsible for less notice of new infected cases as most who fall prey are tested positive and registered in near by Divisions Mezam, Bui or West Region as such relevant records of daily realities are marred. Wanton and reckless behavior amongst the youths, here (most especially those of Bamessing, Bamunka, Babungo and Bangolans known notorious for wild sexual habits and uncontrollable canal emotions) is the sole cause of the predominance and prevalence of the disease in Ngoketunjia. Inadequate sensitization and awareness stands out as one of the responsible factors for the arithmetic progressive infection in the Division. In addition, the fact that her only income generating crop is rice with broken, sandy soils (Ndop Rice) which can not provide them the much needed income for livelihood pushes them most especially women into prostitution. The shortage and the “black practice” of rigid attribution of Anti-retroviral (administered to over 2000 cases weekly), allocated to patients by government free of charge almost pushing them to strike early this year 2013 are indicators of the fact that Ngoketunjia Division embodies and harbors a good number of HIV\AIDS cases not defined since cases are recorded on weekly bases. As basic information and clarion call, we of the Media House World Echoes Newspaper Group Cameroon pathetic about the situation, “Knowing that HIV\AIDS is not a fatality, the public can avoid it by adapting to the best new found behavior of abstinence, the use of condoms, testing and screening always to know ones status enhances responsible habits. A body free of HIV\AIDS in itself promotes and invites sustainable development because health is wealth and wealth means progress, prospects and achievement which is equal to rapid development and growth as we look forward on scientist to come up with a vaccines in a date not yet known. “A secured live worth more than the excesses of its misadventures, obviously fatal you know” Tamukong Roland Angong

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