Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fru Ndi's Son Has no Plans of Becoming Bda II Mayor

Ni John Fru Ndi's last son, Achu Benjamin has won council primaries in Bamenda II council. Achu Benjamin Fru Ndi who is also private secretary to the father won the council primaries in the Ntarinkon Council ward to contest in the upcoming municipal elections as councilor on SDF ticket. Allegations are rife at that Achu Benjamin Fru Ndi is likely the next mayor of Bamenda II. Achu Benjamin Fru Ndi who decided to step into the father's shoes by taking part in active politics has been described as being dynamic and level-headed as well. Mores so, it is worth mentioning that Benjamin has been very active in the SDF accompanying SDF chieftain in all his major political outings. During the 23rd Anniversary of the SDF last May 26, 2013, Benjamin led a powerful delegation of youth during a match-pass that attracted alot of admiration from the crowd. Analysts had since then predicted that Benjamin would run as Mayor of Bamenda II, yet the speculations have come to pass that he won the council primaries this week at the Nsa’mukong Hall with 61 votes away from his rivals with 47 and 41 respectively. During the May 26 celebration in Bamenda, he told Journalists that it is time for youths to take part in the democratic process of this country. This, he has not only been apt in preaching but has moved into the stage by winning the primaries. Benjamin who pundits have long predicted as Fru Ndi's political successor is likely to bring surprises in the upcoming elections. If vote as Mayor, he is likely to be the youngest mayor in the history of the SDF and Cameroon. Benjamin's action we gathered has inspired many youths nationwide who now want to enter into active politics. Accosting Benjamin at the end of the historic election exercise, he observed that he has no plans of becoming the Mayor of Bamenda II. But is rather interested in the development of Bamenda, that he wants to be at the centre of action to contribute his own quota to the development of his Municipality. According to him Councils are drifting more toward decentralization and autonomy. So it is imperative that these Council should be able to put projects in place and also be able to mobilize financial resources to carry out these Projects. This he noted, is a role he believes he can play very well and ease the work load on the Council and Mayor. And even if he were interested in piloting the affairs of the said Bamenda II Council, that would have only been a dream not to come through in the advent of the award winning Mayor Balick Awa Fedelis’s era. Who for seven years has worked so very well and devoted that the people of his Municipality now see him their God send Mayor. To further the voted Award three years round winning best Mayor of the years in Cameroon further plants Mayor Balick Awa deep down the heart and bosom of the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front SDF Ni John Fru Ndi who most probably will stand behind him for his son who has better chances ahead or should complete elementary Political training before shouldering such a load. Never the less Ben Fru Ndi’s attempt is a giant stride commendable by history that will score in it’s records that at least if Fru Ndi is leaving the stage now, he has a Political successor.

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