Thursday, July 18, 2013

FIFA Suspends Cameroon as Iya Sinks with FECAFOOT

The provisionary Suspension directed to the Cameroonian government most especially the sporting department owes credence to the fact that FECAFOOT, the Cameroon Football Federation for well over two months now have been characterized by a cross section of uncontrollable wrangles fanned and excited by those who are against Iya Mohammed, regime and prolonged stay in government wrecked with thousand scandal. To FIFA the World football governing body, the suspension dubbed provisional is known temporal and stand to be uplifted if the situation in FECAFOOT is redressed by her officials. Hence putting available at the disposal of the Federation, a body that will help facilitate the reconstruction and reconciliation process. Leaving the Cameroonian National team with the compensation of the protest Togolese encounter at Nyame, while being neutral on the issuance following the arrest of the Cameroon’s FECAFOOT Boss. On the retro, for more than a month, after Cameroon’s crushing and humiliating defeat in Togo, Iya Mohammed at the tail end of his Mandate was arrested for a nine Billion racket at SODECOTON. Then erupted the FECAFOOT Election Saga motivated by the third Vice President convening elections without the express approval from the First Vice President John Begheni Ndeh. Who through a Press Conference in Yaounde condemned the act very strongly bringing in a ruction, at the same time permitting the holding of Elections going against Ministerial halt and a proposal body to manage the Federation as the misdemeanor here in play is properly managed. Prompting the Head of State to decree nullifying all the decisions arrived at so very much controversial to the liking of Cameroonians and the smooth functioning of the Federation. These in all, provoked FIFA the Watchdog of all Football Federations in the World, to come to Cameroon’s rescue and this could only be attained by passing a sanction and embargo which will breed some order and sanity in the Federation Given that she was already flying in pieces and detractors were taking advantage of the wrangles in the house to do terrible and horrible things. What Cameroonian must know is that the Suspension is temporal and that through such a decision by FIFA favoring the imprisoned Iya Mohammed only confirms how deep the roots of Iya had gone down into FIFA circles.

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