Thursday, July 18, 2013

Developments in the Cameroonian Catholic Church; Who Succeeds Bishop Lysinge at 75?

As Bishop Mola Francis Lysinge of Mamfe Diocese, the Papal representative officiating chieftain nears 75 ripe ages for retirement in the Catholic Church as a servant of the Lord. Independent sources observes, that Auxiliary-Bishop Elect Rt Rev Agapitus Nfon presently resident at the Bamenda Arch Diocese with temporal base, the St Joseph Metropolitan Cathedral of Bishop Fontem Cornelius Essua after Roma’s recognition. Will succeed Bishop Teche Lysingue according to high opinion holders of Mamfe Dioceses by the time he clocks 75 this end of year 2013. Auxi-Boshop Elect Nfon, by virtue of the fact that he was appointed to a non existent Diocese in Europe once made Bishop and has not taken office, spares Rome of the pain to appoint another Bishop from the Cameroonian Catholic Ecclesial as the Mamfe Diocese’s thrown goes vacant. By so doing, for matter of convenience marring the possibility of the Vicar-General Rev Father Ambe from also climbing who has since moved from Priest school to the Rector of St THOMAS Aquinas Major Seminary, Principal of Sacred Heart College, the Education Sectary and onto the Vicar-General Position where hopes were high that he will be challenged with the task of a Bishop by Rome before he retires from active service to God. With the presence of the Auxi-Bishop Nfon, time situation, and circumstances by all indications are working adversely to the longing wishes of Bishop Hopefuls, at the same time neutralizing all plans and possibilities of Bishop Appointments. And if Rome will have to go extra miles, the options or dwell will then be between Prof Rev Christian Mofor one time Rector of St Thomas Aquinas and Rector of Catholic West African University presently Education Sectary to the Bamenda Arch Diocese who is not very well, Prof Rev Father Polycarpe Fonjock an old renown Philosophy Teacher under the order and the Vicar-General we mentioned earlier all of retiring Bishop Mola Lysinge’s class. Rev Father Mofor not very well, eliminates self from Bishop Roma race up to Mamfe Diocese, Rev Father Polycarp not very weighty in terms of holding post of responsibilities under the order will normally leave Rome with no option better than the big best Vicar-General. Away from such a stance, the Catholic Church and her high officials methodic and realistic in the process and practice of appointments, full of surprises may single out completely a different Rev Father as before God all are equal, thus repeating the regardless notion of who you are and the post you have held before appointing. Bishop Lysingue was appointed from no where (that is as a class room Lecturer at St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary) to head the Mamfe Diocese and has proven his worth, for sure another simple, Noble, humble and from no where Rev Father may be called up by Rome to run the affairs of the Diocese assigning Rt Rev Bishop Nfon to other pressing duties in roving form most probably.

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