Thursday, July 18, 2013

“Twin Elections 2013, Really a Level Playing Grown for all? When all is Stage Managed by the CPDM” Teche Nyamusa Parliamentary Hopeful Mbengwi

For us - the SDF and the genuine opposition to continuously participate in elections controlled by CPDM agents who are themselves part of the exercise, seriously questions our sincerity to fight for real change and succession of government in Cameroon. History has not shown where a dictator has willingly relinquished power. Considering Africa: South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal and others -relatively smooth change of governments have not been achieved by mere benevolence of the incumbents. No,often pensively unanimous agreements were arrived at before general elections, drafting of the constitution, good governance particularly elections monitor and organization. However traumatizing in Cameroon, Mr. Paul Biya the president of Cameroon who is also the national president of the CPDM ruling party is in charge of all facets of government. He controls completely the elections management body (now ELECAM).The body’s (ELECAM) personnel, appointed by the presidency are predominantly CPDM frontline militants who brandish after-appointment resignation letters from CPDM. Cameroon’s democracy is government without separation of powers: executive, legislature, and judiciary are controlled by one man - the president, Paul Biya. He appoints members of the legislature, the executive president, Biya is the president of the higher judicial council which outfit promotes, transfers and sanctions… judges and magistrates. Court cases of particular interest to the president or his party CPDM are tainted. Results of elections in Cameroon are known before polls day. The SDF has persevered for over 23 years to see whether Biya/CPDM can change to permit good government and a level electoral field to no avail. Thus an informed opinion poll which I fully ascribe to hold that Cameroon’s genuine opposition should boycott further elections, for even after the super trumpeted claims of advancement in electioneering and plans for the country through good governance to emerge from poverty (vision 2035), the most recent one - the pioneer senatorial was as usual a mockery and provocation of Cameroonians in general. We think that the genuine opposition should instead campaign for good laws which will be independent of any particular party/parties or individual/individuals ulterior wish. That the electoral calendar should be without ambiguities, drawn up by all concerned and can only be altered where absolutely necessary by unanimous agreement. The elections monitoring and organizing body as well as the electoral code have to be put in place by all concerned parties. ELECAM with two self-antagonizing leaders may only conduct elections in CPDM not where genuine political parties, of the over 200 in Cameroon are involved. Boycott, however is not new to the SDF yet it is a legendary weapon so long as we work on good goals and stick to them - here Boycott and effective campaign for the owners of power who are majority Cameroonians to see the need for sound laws for development. Once this is done, any makeshift arrangement in the name of a regime which retards progress to say the least will be yanked off. Arguments that the CPDM and her myriad satellite parties will confiscate all elective positions to continue reigning make little or no sense for even during the single party CPDM years, no achievement was recorded. No positive legacy was bequeathed. We were instead made severe debtors; Cameroon became poor and heavily corrupt. The CPDM regime true to her money laundry character dragged a somewhat Ahidjo bestowed buoyant economy into deep shit. The regime in place puts no foundation (except promises) for effective change or developmental takeoff. There is no Cameroon/Africa adapted school scheme for the country’s eventual growth, no basic access farm to market roads in particular, no jobs or enabling environment for job creation to arrest excessive emigration for greener pastures abroad. The powers that be makes no effort to build a befitting health system which includes good medical schools, hospitals and pharmacies after all this ruling elite self-affords foreign healthcare irrespective of the dilemma of Cameroonian masses. The misery list is inexhaustible. Our continuous participation in elections controlled by CPDM fraudulently made to have free access to the public treasury for conscience buying and manipulation during polls will never see any other political party take over and manage the country as per her manifesto. Permanent participation after these years of trial is being insensitive to the plight of particularly ordinary Cameroonians. The regime in place manages the country without even scant regard to the fact that the country is composed of two legal entities (former French Cameroons and former British Cameroons) whose interest for integral progress ought to be taken care of. This Cameroon electoral matter is a public issue of enormous importance. Hence it has to be debated in the open by all interested, by the people’s parliament – the press. It is not a matter for the confines of party or association executive secretariat(s)! God guide Cameroon.

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