Thursday, July 18, 2013

After Exhaustive Elections & Draining Appointments; Senators go Borrowing to Stage Home Coming

*Loaning on Election Loans, with Un-restituted Financial Situation, Pay Back Time Contrary to the National miscalculation and the speculation of the salaries of Senators which was vary from one million five to eight hundred thousands, their seating allowances supposed to be huge as compared to that of Parliamentarians and extra benefits like two private sectaries, a body Guard, two Private cars and provisory finances or budget to make pronounce their persons and stage public occasions just belonging to the higher decision making house of the country (upper House) by Cameroonians, the reverse is almost now true. As we now hear, see and even feel for the Senators once even almost thrown out of their Hotel rooms at mount Febe by the manager’s quite notice of the 21st June 2013 for not footing bills and only occupying her prestigious rooms with the promises of “it will be paid” but for the timely intervention of most venerable SDF Senator Jean Tchomuluh who called the President Marcel Niat Njifenji and fresh reassuring promises made to the management. It is really a pity that barely three months with the caskets Senators should stand such a humiliation, very surprising enough to the public as the Senators now keep wallowing and gnashing their teeth of the embarrassing situation and unfair government treatments. For government has just forgotten so soon that Elections completely exhausted them financially to a point now where, some (most especially SDF Senators) barely manage to live, and even on going home, smuggle selves in and out of their base, answering pretentious in coming calls for fear or escaping to spend on a highly expectant and demanding crowd always waiting to hilariously welcome them back at any time provided cash will flow. Again contrary to the rule which normally requires that subjects prepare, finance and organize home comings for their beloved ones, sparing them off demanding and costly thanks giving ecumenical services coming from the first baptism of squandering and which must continue or else suffer criticisms of the highest order. To be frank, since after the 14th of April 2013 Senate Elections, followed by the proclamation of the results and the final Presidential appointments, the privileged one hundred’s have known no peace, or rest in the hands of their gross demanding population who know in one way or the other influenced or contributed to their Election or appointment is payback time and must be entitled to. With drainage and handicapped finances or accounts most Senators have bought permanent residence in Yaounde until empowered financially. While few rich one barely screw out from rescue accounts and sort appeal from close ones and relations to foot and stage home comings. The sums, heralds have spend for respective Home comings amounting to tens and fifteens of millions with precision, Senator Francis Nkwain, Senator Dingha Ignatius all of the North West and Senator Jean Tchomuluh of the West Region is frightening to most who have not yet honored the engagement most especially empty pocket Senators of the SDF. This state of situation is what is actually responsible for a good number of the Senators not coming home or stage home coming even dough willing. Knowing fully well that it is compulsory, good numbers are now into under ground fund raising and has submitted appeals for loans with the hope that government will in the next five years be able to give them some thing substantial to be able to clear the loans and post Election debts.

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