Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From Reunifications50th Anniversary in Buea; To Disorder, Open Confrontation and unmanaged Discord Amongst Fons and Chiefs of the South West

* Embezzling Organizing Committee Charged to Render Financial Account *Blames, Accusations, Confusion & Chaos Hostages Cameroon *Fortifying La Republics Grip on S. Cameroon *As Biya Makes Mockery of Secessionist & Opposition *Apologies & Correction of Past Errors Highly Awaited *SCNC Replies very strongly inviting the UN *Fon Angwafor Seeing no Head Way Calls on all to Remain Focused Plain Truth; Wrangles after the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Cameroon’s Reunification *Biya Called to Apologize for Mocking Fons & Foncha, Muna, Endeley, Njua, Um Nyobe etc “They are at least Cameroonians too and merit an iota of Respect”… *Biya Must one day Pay Dearly; Post Reunification Scandal Victims Cry Loud -Revisiting 20th 2014Reunification Scandals; Why NW Fons were Chased, Fru Ndi Denied Audience News about the horrible treatment reserved the SDF chieftain Ni John Fru Ndi and the hand picked North West Fons reaching North West Region has since 20th February 2014 coming from Buea the Regional Capital of the South West Region sparked a whole lot of wander, dismay and disgust amongst North Westerners, not counting the number of lips left wagging in appreciation of why such a poor reservation to the custodians of North West Tradition by both, their December 10, 2010 crowned Fon of Fons in Bamenda and the South West organizing committee of the reunifications who are alleged to have embezzled half of the amount mobilized for celebration. Demand very strongly and out rightly for an open apology, explanations from the Head of State President Paul Biya on why a monument was not erected for Foncha and Ahidjo architects of Cameroon Reunification in 1961, why their request for audience was turned down after keeping them waiting for hours under biting cold and scourging heat for preference only to be given to South West Chiefs later. With the SDF chieftain and the said North West Fons now likened to post reunification scandal victims still to accommodate the mess as they regret aloud “South Westerners hijacked the Reunification celebration”, the North West populaces together with Southern Cameroonian Liberation Activists question what took them to Buea? Before ever being subjected to such a pauper treatment when they knew very well that Biya was acting illegally to legalize a fact which is not founded under Cameroon’s History “a beggarly outing of cause! Many exclaim. As they leak their respective wounds some if not everybody in the Region is cursing them for disgracing Grass fielders because of “gombo” which was not finally gotten even going through all the odds. What a big disgrace and shame? Many murmur saying it is the uncontrollable appetite for money that has landed them to such a big scandal. For Biya to keep the Fons for over four hours and later turn down their request without giving them a dime is humiliating as a good number of the Fons who were leaning on what was to come from his mallet almost trekked back to Bamenda others held to pay Hotel bills forcefully. This action from the Head of State Paul Biya which does not truly resemble him was motivated from a canon of facts as this Reporter gathered in Buea from sources closer to the Civil Cabinet and Presidential Security Unit. Biya tired and feed up with the trillions of complains coming left and right about North West Fons, their Union which is no longer credible, the great Division in their midst and the fact that the Union is now managed by hand picked quarter heads and clandestine chiefs decided to turn down the audience. A continues division amongst the North West Fons and South West Chiefs as it is further magnified by the discord planted by reunification, will fasten Biya’s grip and derail Southern Cameroonians from the original course, which is liberation. News reaching the cabinet, was also that the said Fons were already quarrelling on the amount Biya was to give them, how it will be shared and percentages one was to spare before being accredited. The caricature gift without legs painted in a funny color which does not reflect the grass field, which was offered to Biya, accompanied with lies that it was made out of materials (pillars) gathered from the Seven Divisions that make up the North West Region greatly vexed Biya. Another questionable fact is that the Civil cabinet was bribed by other big Fons not to dare grant asses to the not well constituted delegation of Fons representing the Region because their motive was money and nothing else. Biya in the South West wanted to remain focused and not to be derailed by wayward and Malicious North Westerners who were surely carrying their funny memos as usual to give him head ache for nothing. Finally Biya snubbed and ridiculed North Fons because it was now time for all favors to be tilted to the South West and needed no proposals from them, with Fru Ndi already in their dragnet. In all the displeased masses not very much at their best with what happened for a few who went and disgraced the whole North West call on credible Fons of the Region to pass a sanction vote on wayward and recalcitrant Fons or should not be embarrassed with the new bill that will be promoted for Fons to be elected. As Biya left South West in no better situation, with Chiefs dissociating themselves from the South West Chiefs Union (most especially Fako Chiefs) claiming that bigger chiefs hijacked the ceremony and subjected them to crumbs. Fon Angwfor of Makon First Vice National Chairman of the CPDM cum one of the architects of reunification, being very observant and seeing no head way for Southern Cameroon call on all Cameroonian to be focused and not to be derail with errors of the past. Because those errors were not made by Biya and should or must be corrected by Biya, every leader has an agenda that marches with a vision. Biya as a philosopher King with all the forces that be following normal occurrences and realities in play for the political stability of Cameroon, her welfare peace and unity chose to march forward in accomplishment of his vision 2035 not revisiting things of the past which are not too relevant. So Cameroonian should forget about the past, talk of today and plan for tomorrow. N. West Women in Action; N. West Regional Delegate of Basic Education Launches War against Corruption in School Manifested, through embezzlement of registration fees by Head teachers, collection of a 100 frs from pupils in the place of handwork materials, exploiting teenagers sexually, misappropriation of management credits, absenting from work without any justification only to go for monthly salary without work done and above all ghost workers in the milieu covered by Head teachers, Divisional Delegates or inspectors “Generally in every strata in the Basic Educational sector in the North West Region and Cameroon as a whole, aspects of corruption and embezzlement are visible, reasons why efforts should be multiplied to stamp out such a practice rigorously because Basics has to do with the foundation of Education”. This the Regional Delegate for Basic Education North West Mme Fon Susan observed in his opening address to participants at a continues, follow up action plan one day workshop held annually all over the Republic within the Ministry of Basic Education together with CONAC to stamp out corruption and embezzlement in Cameroonian schools. The meeting playing host at the MINEPAT hall North West on the 27th February 2014 chaired by the Governor’s representative Nji Joseph facilitated by two officials from the Ministry of Basic Education led by Akemda Eric to Head Teachers, inspector, Divisional Delegates, PTA Chairmen, was a one day workshop dubbed rapid results initiative (fight against corruption) with devolved services of Basic Education North West. The essence of such an annual exercise to the Basic Education Family is to promote a comfortable learning environment free of corruption and exploitation of pupils, parents, the government by teachers. The one day workshop to develop a strategy document operated following five axes laid down by CONAC as guide for training, to name; prevention tools at the beginning of every school year, Education following pedagogy, conditions and conduciveness of working environment, incentives and motivation, lastly sanctions and punishment to promoters of corruption in school.

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