Tuesday, March 11, 2014

N. West Regional Delegate of Basic Education Launches War against Corruption in School

Manifested, through embezzlement of registration fees by Head teachers, collection of a 100 frs from pupils in the place of handwork materials, exploiting teenagers sexually, misappropriation of management credits, absenting from work without any justification only to go for monthly salary without work done and above all ghost workers in the milieu covered by Head teachers, Divisional Delegates or inspectors “Generally in every strata in the Basic Educational sector in the North West Region and Cameroon as a whole, aspects of corruption and embezzlement are visible, reasons why efforts should be multiplied to stamp out such a practice rigorously because Basics has to do with the foundation of Education”. This the Regional Delegate for Basic Education North West Mme Fon Susan observed in his opening address to participants at a continues, follow up action plan one day workshop held annually all over the Republic within the Ministry of Basic Education together with CONAC to stamp out corruption and embezzlement in Cameroonian schools. The meeting playing host at the MINEPAT hall North West on the 27th February 2014 chaired by the Governor’s representative Nji Joseph facilitated by two officials from the Ministry of Basic Education led by Akemda Eric to Head Teachers, inspector, Divisional Delegates, PTA Chairmen, was a one day workshop dubbed rapid results initiative (fight against corruption) with devolved services of Basic Education North West. The essence of such an annual exercise to the Basic Education Family is to promote a comfortable learning environment free of corruption and exploitation of pupils, parents, the government by teachers. The one day workshop to develop a strategy document operated following five axes laid down by CONAC as guide for training, to name; prevention tools at the beginning of every school year, Education following pedagogy, conditions and conduciveness of working environment, incentives and motivation, lastly sanctions and punishment to promoters of corruption in school.

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