Thursday, June 12, 2014

Biya the Technocrat & Political Wizard to: Increase Salaries by 2017

*Increase Family Allowance *Pay off all owed areas *Put an end to Following up of files in Yaounde *Institutionalization a Decentralized Operating System via the Internet *Embark on Mass Recruitment *Promote Free Elementary Education Lays the ground work for possibilities of the Biya Regime in place, to stage manage the renewal of another mandate over Cameroon’s Presidency. This is resourced from recent firm instructions given by the supreme Chief in Command of the Cameroonian Republic to the Premiere, MINFI’s Boss, Taxation, customs, Public works, MINATD, MINESUP, MINEDUC and Employment etc, after frank talks with affected member countries on the fight against Boko Harrams in Nigeria. To accelerate efforts in amassing resources needed, enhance and sustain envisaged plans for Cameroon so that she can meet completion point hitting the vision and target of 2035 as long as God continues to keep him alive. This will surely come to pass and will be attained by the usual cosmic arrangements tailored in the past years by the obviously misguided fellows manipulating the system for their selfish interest, trumpeting and drumming the facts as it suits the interest of the Grand Master. It is not strange reading from the hand writings on the wall which are very clear, following political trends that Biya’s major worry and preoccupation after successfully celebrating his reunification in Buea is on how to renew his mandate as Head of state for the Republic of Cameroon. The big question is how will that be achieved or attained? Just as usual, like before any election a stage managed and manipulated commission is put in place to start clamoring for his natural potentials and abilities to stand as their unopposed candidate. Then follows a methodic study of the Political scene, weather, or atmosphere to see whether such a call will be receptive, or it will spark wild fire from those who want change? Another preoccupation will be on how to tame the opposition which is what is strongly currently going on with Biya’s Ministers on every visit to Bamenda march in and out of Fru Ndi’s Ntarikon Residence in the name of courtesy visit with black mallets. Just like eve to 2011 Presidential Election in Cameroon, Biya in his address at the 50th armed forces anniversary in Bamenda December 10, 11, 2010 gave and cajoled the North West Region with their longed cherished dream of a University, proclaimed the reliving news to frustrated youths of mass recruitments to fight unemployment and bought his way back into the Presidency with no stress. Biya haven’t succeeded to conduct Senatorial Elections in April 2013before Municipal and Legislative elections in September contrary to Fru Ndi’s opinion, using Belinga Eboutu and other means available to make him succumb to that tactful decision, giving the South West Region an ENSET after the Reunifications celebrations in Buea, pumping money for the tarring of the ring road by Razel company, Sogea Satom and the Chinese on the Cameroon, Nigeria Ekock road, the Kribi deep sea port, Lom-Pangar, the Memvele Dam Project, the mining sector and health amenities, not leaving out schools. The fast thinking Biya obviously knows that with the afore mentioned, if Salaries of civil servants are increased, their family allowances increased, all areas owed workers by government paid, the practice of people rushing to Yaounde to follow up Finance documents stopped and decentralized, mass recruitments conducted again and elementary education made free with thousand of Scholarships. Nobody will have any reason to complain about his staying on the thrown even till death do him part because history has proven that Biya has no match comparatively because of insightful management and governance reasons why Cameroon is enjoying to a greater extent Peace, Security, Unity and love. This view of an insightful and honest leader is refined from the fact that ring leaders of the Oppositions for this short while have proven themselves to be all sell outs, unreliable and not trust worthy. This has been the broad dimensional tool the Biya regime has been using to remain in power with cajoling projects and schemes which they use day in day out as bait to capture and win more the consciences of Cameroonians as CPDM Baron of Anglophone extraction our fellow brothers go singing the “essimba hallelujah song” to please the regime for fear of being impeached and send to “Kodengui”.

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