Thursday, June 12, 2014

Laureates of the Prestigious Global Press Icons Award of Excellence on the Occasion of World Echoes Newspaper’s 6th Anniversary Celebration at the Tubah Council Hall on the 28th of June 2014 at 12 Noon. “Celebrating 6th Blooming Years in Pomp & Fanfare”

1) *Man of the Year -Prof Peter Abety *Most Honoured Cameroonian -Rt Hon.Senator Achidi Achu 2) *Male Politician of the Year -Ngalla Gerald 3)*Female Politician of the Year -Senator Mundi Regina 4)*Best Director General of the Year -Libum Nikeng (Director General of Customs Cameroon) 5)*Ngoketunjia’s Politician of the Year -Nkwenui Joseph (Pa Dollar) 6)*Symbol of Peace & Emblem of Hope -Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle 7)*Best Lawyer of the Year -Barrister Suh Fuh Ben (Amity Chamber) 8)*Best General Manager of the Year -GM NWCA Bamenda 9)*Best Technician of the Year -Azumbom Funiba Ignatius 10)*Most Talented & Dynamic uprising Fon -Fon of Fingue *Special Prize of Recognition for Immense Generosity to UBa -To all the four Fons of Tubah 11)*Best Mayor of the Year -Balick Awa Fidelis 12)*Most Prominent & Dynamic Mayor of the Year -Mbombo Abel 13)*Senior Divisional Officers of the Year -SDO Ngoketunjia Division -SDO Mezam -SDO Bui Division 14)*Best Sub-Divisional Officers of the Year N.W -Bamenda II DO Itoe Peter Mbongo -HRH Poss Francis Alex DO Ndop Centre 15)* Most Transparent & Honest DO of the Year -DO Alim Garga of Tubah 16)*Best Divisional Delegate of the Year -Tamfu Denis MINEPAT 17)*Model Women of the Year -Chengwe Nee Yah Cicilia Ndi (MINPROF) & No.1 Female Right advocate -Mme Abongwa Caroline (Mayor Bda I) with Supreme Leadership Qualities -Malionpe Magdalen (3rd Deputy Mayor Ndop Council) -Ngwe Eunice (3rd Deputy Mayor Tubah) -Musi Evelyne (Councilor Balikumbat) 18)*Legendary Icons of the Year -Samuel Asobo Mbuyah (TAMAC Consultant) -Nsanda Eba Registrar St. Louis University -Pa Momah Thomas Amungwa -Pa Bonu Barnabas 19)*2014 Transparent Social Democrats -Mayor Tanjong Martin -Wechui Barnabas -Chikilem Boniface -Ngwe Eunice -Tumchia Vincent 20)*Best Rector of the Year -Prof Anaclet Fomethe (Dschang University) 21)*Most Popular Vice-Chancellor of the Year -Prof Tafah EDWARD Edokat 22)*Best Director -Director Agric Technical College Bambili (Mr Jonathan) 23)*Most Dynamic Principals of the Year -Bumuh Martin Viyu Principal CCAST Bambili -Ngwa Kenneth Principal GBSS Bawum 24)*Best Macro Baking Institution -ECOBANK 25)* Best Money Transfer Agency -EMI Money Transfer 26)*Best Micro Finance -Bambili Cooperative Credit Union 27)*Best Credit Union Network -Camccul 28)*Best Credit Union President -Shey Nfor Musa BAPCUL 29)*Best Female Credit Union President -Ikome Emerencia Tangang BAMCCUL 30)*Young, most promising & fast growing category one Micro-Finance organization -Global Financial Investment PLC Bambili 31)*Best Credit Union General Manager -GM Bayelle Credit Union 32)*Best Rev Friar of the Year -Rev Father Roberto Pirovano (Fr Magic Friar Superior of St Francis Capurchin) 33)*Best Pastors of the Year -Rev Wara Solomon Che 34)*Best Religious Institution -RAMAH Christian center -Kingship Ministry 35)*Best Livestock & Agricultural training Center -PRTC Nfonta 36)*Best Evangelism & Humanitarian NGO -LISAC-Cameroon 37)*Best Organization for the Elderly -RECEWAPEC 38)*Best NGO for the Fight against HIV/AIDS in Cameroon -Angel of Mercy 39)*Best Medical Institution -Shishong Cardiac Center Kumbo 40)*Best Private Clinic -Foundation Clinic 41)*Best DMO -Dr Teno Divine 42)*Best Health Driven Program in N.W -CBC HIV free South West & North West Project (ANC) 43)*Best Research Clinic, Foundation Researcher -Raynbow Clinic & Foundation, Dr Abiodun AKA Flusher 44)*King of Traditional Doctors & Master of Natural Mystic -Dr Abeweh Jerome Zeshi 45)*Best Bakery -Mr Baker -Top Star Bakery 46)*Best Hotel of the Year -Moitsa Hotel -Ayaba Hotel -Top Star Hotel 47) Young Proficient & Dynamic Councilor of the year -Maitre Mbuyongha Eventius 48)*Best N.W best Entrepreneur Proprietor Moitsa Hotel & Whole sale Depot 49*Best Community Driven Project -BAWA 50)*Best & Most Listened Community Radio -NDEFCAM Radio Bamenda 51)*Best Contractor of the Year -Adangfu Eric 52)*Most Industrious & illustrious Son of Tubah -Mbie John 53)*NW CPDM most devoted Militant of the Year -Prince Mbonifor Kennedy 54)*Best Décor Enterprise - Mouba Loius Decor Bambili 55)*Best Travel Agency -Moghamo Express -Mondial Express 56)*Best Security Unit in the North West -BIR under the Leadership of Col. Ayuke 57)*Best ICT Expert of the Year -Chenwi Peter 58)*Best ICT Training Center -Gates Inc Institute 59)*Most Promising Business Man & Establishment - Lah International Ltd 60)*Best Male Regional Delegate of the Year -Dr Ndiforchu Victor Delegate of Health 61)*Best Female Regional Delegate - Abong Judy Ngwe MINPROF 62)*Best Municipal Treasurer -Mme Njuabe Sylvie MT Bda I Council 63)*Best Design & Fashion Shopping centre -Ngwa Fashion Shopping centre & Merchandise 64)*Youngest Councilor in the Republic -Mundi Valery Tafah 65)*Most Devoted CPDM Youth Section President -Tibatim Cyprain 66)*Best Express Mail Service -ESICO Mailing service 67)*Best Petrol Station -Total Petrol Station 68)*Most Acclaimed Director of the Year -Dr Lukong Kenneth ENSET Kumba 69)*Best Hotel Management Director -Doume Zacharie Director Ayaba Hotel 70)*Best Parish Priest -Rev Nsah Pascal St Peters Parish Bambui 71)*Best Primary & Nursery School -Lady Martha 72)*Best Head Teacher -Kubri Linus Ngwa 73)*Best Gov’t Poverty Alleviation Program -PIAASI\ISPISA 74)*Best Environmentalist -Paradise on Earth -Mendel Foundation 75)*Most Exemplary Franciscan Friar of the Year - Rev Father Joachim 76)*Most Devoted Tubah Female CPDM Militant of the Year -Mme Gonengue 77)*Number 1 Promoter & Sponsor of Talents - Brasseries du Cameroon N.West 78)*Best Senator of the Year -Senator Wanlo chamua John 79)* Best Prison Administrator of the Year -Gen. Tiwa Jonas 80)* Best Parliamentarian of the Year -Dong Larry Hills of Menchum 81)* Best Ardo of the Year -Hamidou Adamou 82)*Young Enterprising Manager of the Year -Tafili Magnus 83)*Best Contractor Ngoketunjia Division -Fopa Elvis 84)*No.1 Agrarian of the Year -Wirsiy Fabian 85)* Best Business College -Optimistic Business School 86)*Best Professional Institution -Certified institute of Loan & Risk Management 86)*Best Female Legal Right Activist of the Year -Maitre Tamukong Elvis NB: Seating & Necessary provision shall be made available for five Persons accompanying each Laureate (in Honour of Fallen Barrister Bonu Innocent as we clamor for the seat of UBa, Tubah to be transformed into a full Division)

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