Monday, October 13, 2014

A Call to Order: Mbah Miriam is Beyond Human Destruction

”She is covered with the blood of Jesus and no Weapon Fashioned against her shall prosper in Jesus name” says her spiritual director, for security reason we prefer to hide his identity. Talking to some key Press holders in the North West Region observed, “you will bear with me my brothers, that for this short while without calling names, that the Press campaigns stationed by my very sister’s detractors for this short while to paint her black in the face of mankind has been horrible and should have taken her life if she was not strong in faith”. “But as it is the will of God to guide and look after his beloved ones God has kept our sister strong and healthy because she has a clean hand. I have been on my knees in prayers when she called telling me on what steps to take against the perpetrators, but God revealed to me, that we should entrust all in his hands and Divine justice will not long from now take it’s course. It is very unfortunate that this lady in question a devoted servant of Christ should be subjected to these series of attack? But I know very well that the Lord shall bring all her enemies on their knees”. These observation resources its base from framed of stories that is presently injuring the hard earned reputation of Miriam Mbah WCPDM Mezam I who is said to have strip herself naked one late night at old church junction and hospital round respectively as rites to be appointed and to get rid of his subordinate. “Blunt and blatant lies, says the Pastor, I know her very well, what does she lack, by God’s grace she has an accomplished life and have no reason to envy nor is she the giver of life that will want to take that of another through witchcraft? Favor and appointments only comes from God, nobody, I repeat nobody hold the destiny of my daughter, for his words says torch not my devoted ones and do no harm to my servants” “I pray that the Press should always use sound reason in every actions of their not to be mislead by people who have their devilish plans. I also pray that God should forgive those who are brains behind the false alarm may God Bless Cameroon”

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