Monday, October 13, 2014

After Flying Tubah Council to Canada for Greater Emergence: Mayor Tanjong to Celebrate God’s Year of Favor, Guidance & Gratitude with Electorate *See Summary Pictures of the Mayor’s Cameroon-Canada 2014 International Forum for Decentralized Cooperation Trip& New Vision for a Better Tubah Council Tomorrow

Fresh with memories from his Canada Trip and the diplomatic encounter with other black Mayors around the World at the Edition 2014 Cameroon-Canada International forum for Decentralized cooperation organized by AfriEXPERTS International at the Foire Africane De Montreal, Mayor Tanjong Martin of Tubah Council has programmed a ground breaking ceremony slated the day they were installed into office at the Bambui ceremonial ground this 28th day of November 2014. This day clocks the “2014 Transparent Social Democrat” and followers one year of effective and devoted service in office irrespective of all the manipulations stationed by transgressor to mare their smooth governance. Back home with a loaded mind set and belt capacities to meet the new evolving trend of Council management and governance, haven’t made good contacts at the Foire Africaine de Montreal for the Council, the visionary and pragmatic Mayor with effect from next administrative year shall embark on a cross section of projects in the domain of town planning, runoff draining system, a central town touristic attraction, a multipurpose sport complex for the municipality, a befitting ceremonial ground, a rehabilitation center for the underprivileged and elders in the Council area with Canadian partners amongst others. The mission of the public hearing, in Divine fellowship and communion with electorate and development partners, is to render public his one years achievements in office, a routine which will go on for these five years of his stewardship over that municipality. Here, just like the courts out of the court room, the Mayor shall be taking his resolutions in session with the designated Councilors by electorate out of the hidden normal Council hall to the public arena where he shall render the financial and administrative accounts of his transparent and judicious management of Council accounts, the new plan of action and vision for the Tubah Council that will meet the needs of another century. This shall be first of its kind in council management but falls within the frame work of transparency in management and accountability in governance which the western world uphold to instill trust and honesty in one’s exercise of public functions. This symbolic exercise to the Mayor as a model leader puts God directly ahead of all functions to oversee, and man the running of the Council irrespective of all the challenges. To him, good leadership management should be backed by accountability and selfless service to the Nation and those who voted you in office. It has been a long way and trying moments, every conversant Political mind will admit for Mayor Tanjong Martin and devoted Councilors that just immediately they overturned the decisions of the SDF Party hierarchy in what was termed moves “to reinstitute justice, Power to the people and equal opportunity for all”. By voting their beloved Mayor collectively in the Council hall after the twin Legislative and Municipal elections of 30th September 2013. Since then, a tornado of attacks, staged managed coups, intrigues, blackmail, intimidation and threats from few opposing parties has been the order of the day in that Council area. Amidst these odds, the silent mover keeping his grounds kept on with the task he was entrusted by MINATD to accomplish. And tomorrow 28th of November 2014 which clocks him one year in office by his grace, they shall be presenting a loaded report card of their activities, achievements and how each francs that came in for Council management was used. So far Mayor Tanjong has much to ride home as pronounce and feasible activities that are directly affecting and transforming the lives of the people of his Municipality, from farm to market roads, to the grading and widening of certain major streets, building of bridges and culverts, provision of infrastructures to schools, health services and the University of Bamenda, assistance to the needy, holiday jobs, portable water, health campaign, free will donation, building of bridges, training seminars for workers, increment in salaries and above all, has increased revenue collection by multiplying avenues for council revenue generations, through the poultry farm and the newly inaugurated model cattle market at Kedjom Keku which shall be one of the highest finance giving source to the Council. An observation made by the first Deputy Mayor Wechui Barnabas seating for the Mayor and the DO of Tubah Alim Garga on the 16th of September 2014 at the ground breaking ceremony that involved all the parties in the venture for the cattle market in the Municipality to earn the much desired goal. Tubah from all indication is now feeling the pinch of a flexible hand that is out to develop and only to develop more than ever before irrespective of all the machinations. Thank God all the enemies of the Council are gradually being called to Divine order as SDF Party leaders have finally genuflected before the alter of the “Tubah 2014 Transparent Social Democrats”. Hear, Mayor Tanjong another popular force to reckon with in Council governance in the North West Region of Cameroon like late Prince Pius Ngwa Amando of Bamenda III Council “from what I and Mayor Balick saw in Canada, our Councils in Cameroon are centuries behind, there is need for a structured mind set, the will, commitment and proper planning before Cameroonian Councils can emerge to meet, to an extend the special needs of changing times. We are living in a world that is completely lacking because we are too lazy and only good at manipulating with no innovation and lack of fore sight about tomorrow”

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