Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fon of Nkwen Replies Detractors: *“What is Wrong in having a Nkwen Man Appointed Bda Gov’t Delegate”

*Hammers Further on Ownership Claims over NOWEFU Secretariat
* “Individuals Feeding Fat out of that Secretariat, have deliberate sown Discord in the Union in order not to render Financial Account to the Fons”


“This is surely because the value of the land given by my father free of charge to the Fons is undermined. I have heard no where mentioned that the land was offered by the Fon of Nkwen or are the Nkwen people given credit of recognition anywhere for donating for the North West Fon’s secretariat, not to talk of even mentioning in speeches in public ceremonies that Nkwen village is the seat and head quarters of NOWEFU.  We are reliably informed and living witness to the huge sums that have been realized from fund raisings and appeals to complete and put to function the secretariat which has never move an inch from the skeleton planted by former NOWEFU executive. The public need to know how some Fons have stocked their pockets full with monies meant for the completion of the secretariat. Since there is no head way for the Union we have the right to rule over that estate and not leave it to serve as hide out for bandits, Indian herm smokers and where rape, 419 actions are carried out at the mercy of peace and security in the village”
Lashing further in the encounter with this reporter in his palace court yard last week, the Paramount Fon of Nkwen Azefor III said “I am not happy with what is happening in NOWEFU because individuals have replaced collective interest for personal wishes and aspiration; with such an attitude it is clear that there is no head way for the Union. Two constitutions for one Union make the whole show banal and ridiculous, so nobody should be blamed if the say NOWEFU is illegal by the forces that be”.  
“coming back to what made headline news last week that I and my people were clamoring very strongly for a Nkwen man to be appointed to head the Bamenda City Council, I see nothing wrong in that. It is given to rule and hand over the command baton. It was once the turn of Mankon with Abel Nde Tazor today it that of Bamendakwe with Vincent Njie Ndumu and why not tomorrow the turn of Nkwen with whosoever will be deemed worthy by the head of state proposed by the people. It is a whole embarrassment for people to take the issue of the appointment of a new government delegate from Nkwen too personal. There is nothing wrong, all works in Cameroon by lobby. Nobody is saying that the present government delegate is incompetent, what the Nkwen man wants is her own term of office. A clarion call to government by the Nkwen people which I will stand for and by at all times. The Bamenda city is not a one man’s affair or for a particular village we have the right to be entrusted that responsibility.

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