Monday, May 4, 2015

Telling it all without Fear or Favor: Fon of Nkwen Explodes

*Lashes on NOWEFU Crisis
*Threatens Compensating the Union for Abandoned Secretariat
*Declares War on Misguided Subjects Struggling to Block his Letters of Administration
*Swears Over his Crown not to Let Go any Passel of Land Belonging to Nkwen in Tubah or wherever
*Warns Nonentities from Intruding into his Governance with the Aid of Wayward Diaspora
*Calls on his Loyal Subjects to be Law Abiding & Beware of Manipulators & Intoxicators
These fuming and panting declarations were made by the Fon of Nkwen H.R.H Azefor II on the 1st of April 2015 in his Palace Court Yard accosted by this Reporter for clarifications concerning misleading and misguided rumors roaming around about his government and governance after about some five years on the thrown now.
Speaking to the Press first in his capacity as the Fon of Nkwen and secondly as the donor and host of the North West Fon’s secretariat lamented that that the North West Fon’s Union (NOWEFU) has missed out on the original course for which she was created. To unite Fons, promote the culture and heritage of the North West, serve as a platform for social dialogue and development amongst Fons, work hand in gloves with the Administration to promote peace and security etc.
Today he regretted that the one time envied Union which was the pride of North Westerners has suddenly become a punching ring where Fons are rather flexing mussels with colleagues and openly wash dirty linens in public. Hear him “the Union can still come back to what she was provided the Fons are ready to reconcile with each other and work for the common good of the Union. The future can be bright for the Union, if egoistic tendencies are thrown and the issue of ranking Fons to be Big and small shaved aside”.
On the secretariat standing on NKwen land, occupying space for nothing, serving as hide out for bandits, Indian herm smokers, gamblers and where innocent Cameroonian are brought to fall victim of 419, the Fon a Business man and a contractor by extension, assessing the value of the land given by his passed onto glory father for free saw in that passel of land billions wasting as of its cost value today. To add, the land is not only there wasting with the secretariat but it also habour unscrupulous activities that endanger security in and around the Fondom.
He voiced out clearly in strict condemning terms that he has been worried of the idling resource wasting in the bush and has been the cause for several complains in the village about insecurity. “I am sick and tired of all complains coming in everyday concerning what is happing in and around that secretariat and will not want to keep receiving it. If the union NOWEFU is unable to develop the structure and land, I am ready with my traditional Council to evaluate, compensate the Union and take control over the said estate. That is wealth wasting at the mercy of development and putting security at risk, may be because my father gave it free, NOWEFU should act fast or else!”.
Coming back to village governance and administration, the level minded full of wisdom Fon of Nkwen admitted being to the High Court with some of his step brothers he classified as wayward and irresponsible sons of Nkwen who want to out rightly jump into and mare the smooth governance of the village for selfish ends with aid of some misguided elite in the United State of America. Blocking the issuance of a letter of administration to the Fon on grounds that they wanted to take control over the management of his father’s estate while he governs just as a Fon, which to him cannot work! The matter, the Fon recounted “was looked into and thrown out of court, I hear they have taken an appeal, which we shall see the end. Since they are after my life,         I will not also take the matter lying down.
“Their actions are the handy works of irresponsible subjects who think, they can out rightly impose on the Palace, which to me can never be the case while I am still alive. I have nothing to battle with those type of wayward individuals, the village is aware of their misleading orchestrations and will soon take a stand on that. God being our helper, they shall one day be crushed”
Rounding up the executive discuss, his majesty on land and sovereign rights stated out clearly and bluntly that his administration will never condole with any actions that will have to do with a passel or part of Nkwen land going to another village or seized by any neighbor. He said, “It is not because Nkwen is fertile in all respect that people should think that they can encroach at will and claim ownership of land belonging to Nkwen at will.   
Making particular reference to the former Tubah Council premise which he said was a passel of land given by his father in the then colonial days for the construction of a council that was to serve Nkwen and Tubah. Now that each village has a council, it is incumbent on us the Nkwen people to claim back our land which we stand in no circumstance to drag or bargain with the Bambui people. “To me the noise on the Tubah former council premise, is no case at all, the former SDO Marche Joseph long passed a verdict on that before leaving Mezam to Menoua Division”.
The Fon in resounding tone uttered in final submission that we are a calm and a peace loving people but will never tolerate nonsense from who ever and where ever.

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