Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cameroon & the Combat against Boko Haram; Pay Back Time to Ngoketunjia: High Time Biya Compensate the Division, As Gen. Tumenta & Capt. Yari March on to Eternity

Since the historic\heroic or the patriotic fall of Major General Tumenta and Captain Tumenta in the central African Republic and the Extreme North of the Republic of Cameroon respectively in defense of the Nation, while combating terrorism, tongues around the country has not ceased wagging in appreciation of the great efforts made by these soldiers who stood by their country and even sacrificed their lives, on how patriotic they were, the great gap left in their families and why the Division, their families and the Region in general has to be compensated for the great sacrifice or lost.
 Major Gen Tumenta

It is not given to any individual, martyrs as they are to have stood firm in peril amidst all the odd right down into the valley of death to fight for national\international peace and security. Which is the very obvious reason why parents of the deceased, their villages (that Babungo & Baba I), their Division of origin and region has to be compensated dearly.
 Captain Yari Emmanuel
Their sacrifices and achievements in defense of the Nation are enormous and could possibly in no way be undermined. Their selfless service to the nation cannot even be better appreciated by the nation other than giving back to that Division in a special way through appointments and committing the two in prayers at any devotion for their souls to rest in perfect peace.    

 Colonel Agha Robinson Ndong
 This call for appreciation and return gratitude from the Head of State commander in chief of the armed forces President Paul Biya comes from the backdrop of the recent appointment and installation of Colonel Agha Robinson Ndong on Monday the 14 2016 as commander of the 22nd brigade from Menchum Division that was greeted with great joy after the Wum incident which saw the death of a biker stabbed by a military officer which caused chaos, torture and mass arrest of citizens in that part of the region as compensation.   
The recent act by the Commander in chief of the armed forces in Cameroon President Paul Biya has caused many quarters and individual to clamor and stand for the fact that after Menchum’s appeasement, Ngoketunjia Division, the people of Babungo and Baba I should equally be compensated heavily for haven’t sacrificed their two sons in the combat against Boko Haram which is a common enemy to every Cameroonian.
It should be noted that Major General Tumenta died not only defending Cameroon but Africa and Captain Yari a Cameroonian also died defending Nigeria after a powerful rescue mission of Boko Haram victims.
May their souls rest in perfect peace as the people of the North West Region in general and Ngoketunjia Division remains expectant from the head of State President Paul Biya and devoted to these great fallen heroes. “Dulce et Decorum es  propatrie morie” how sweet and honourable it is to die for ones fatherland, Sheldom Book of verse expounds in the Poem for the “Fallen” and how hounourable it is also when the nation recognizes such efforts and sacrifice to spur others into deep patriotism.    

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