Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Foretelling the Outcome of the Ongoing Bangolan Chieftaincy Crisis: High Time Fon Chafah Regains Yaounde Office & Fully Embrace the Bible OR Have Self to Blame

“Unable to contain the resistance of the Bangolan people who increasingly grow vexed daily and may be tempted to go fatal, Fon Chafah should declare fully for Christ, carry his Bible and regain Yaounde office leaving the thrown to the said Mabepe Salim whose powers will remain within the confines of the village while he is recognized by the Administration, enjoying all the benefits as a second class Fon to obviously the dislike of most of his detractors who fueled the coup”
So says sound reasonable minds that have been living the reality in play of the ongoing Bangolan Chieftaincy crisis which is gaining momentum daily as the adverse camps stands unchallenged and ready to fight it all right to the end. As their resistance to the military junta put in place by the Administration stands superb calling for the release of their Fon from MIDEVI Ndop Central Prison presently on Administrative detention for usurpation of power. 
“Two to three months resistance and resilience to administrative call, is not something to undermine or underestimate of the people” tongues wag. “It was better if Fon Chafah after sensing danger declared publicly in a Press Conference for Christ as he did at the Bamenda Municipal Stadium some years back on the occasion of the Crusade for Christ organized by Apostle John Chi in Bamenda. Since the genesis of all his problems or better still the main cause of the Chieftaincy Crisis stems from embracing the Bible and wanting to mix Christianity and tradition which to the people was sacrilegious, most especially in a society where 80% of the population are Muslims practicing Islam”.
“A fierce battle with his people for them to succumb will not help out things; rather, it is making great mockery of him because he cannot boast even by what magic to support the resistance coming from 80% of the population most widely backed by big, key elite at home and abroad”.
“It is not too late” others exclaim “after all he has benefited much from the thrown and should not give them room to lynch him without completely reaping the fruits of his benefits or labour”. “It is time Mbe gives a second thought to the crisis now or have himself to blame. There is just no way he would want to sacrifice his 4th grade magistrate position or would leave the thrown to regain his office in yaounde without the wishes of the people seeing effect”.
“Others are strongly of the opinion that Fon Chafah is playing for time, knowing very well that the people are bent. It should also be recalled that the grievance are accumulated since 1982 you will bear with this Reporter”. “What became of the Bamali Crisis which is almost similar but for the fact that their Fon abdicated the thrown and that of Bangolan is not willing to hand over the thrown”.
“Fon Chafah should accept being Bangolan’s administrative Fon, born again in faith and allow his rival pass for the village Fon rather than exchange blows with the same people who crowned him thinking that he will be protected by the military, who will not be there for ever” Says other school of thought.
by the wishes of the people. The matter, if allowed to go on the way it is, it will grow up into an inter-generational conflict which will not be too good for the village”.This palaver, right thinking analyst are of the opinion that Fon Chafah, “a learned Fon that he is should not be in open confrontation with his people, most especially as he has seen very clearly that there is no way out in the matter. Rather he should make amend or expect the worst if he is unwilling to go 


Now that the “Takumbeng’s” are out moving naked, it means the matter has reached its apex where the administration will be left with no other option than to free the so called threats to Fon Chafah’s reign under detention. Which certainly and obviously will not be good news for Fon Chafah as both cannot share the same Palace at once? The key question now would be who is to be regarded Fon, the Fon along the corridors of the Palace or the Fon in the heart of the Palace with all the traditional arms and institution by him?
It is high time Fon Chafah thinks fast and react wisely or face the worst as this crisis is going on successfully not without the support of key financially viable elite and colleagues Fons with whom he has axe to grind. The son was shot breaking Saturday March 19, 2016 morning, brothers, sisters and wives may fall victims tomorrow, who knows. It is time Fon Chafah gives in or revelations in the days ahead may not be too good or better still shall be catastrophic as the signals of a pending doom are very clear.   


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