Friday, April 1, 2016

Mbengwi: Mayor Beatrice Presents 3 Years Loaded Balance Sheet *CEO Kendely Group of Companies Decorated Traditionally *Mbwngwi Fons Shower Endless Ancestral Blessings on them for their Good Works

History holds it that the Mbengwi Council is making the difference in the North West Region of Cameroon most especially in Momo Division in terms of the number and magnitude of the projects realized in just three years with the limited finances she has in control, not to talk of the team work spirit guiding their efforts and action, talking  less of the good governance attitude of the Mayor and the accountable nature under which the council functions.


These wander working works of the Mayor and indefatigable team was unveiled before the watchful eyes of the Mbengwi population for assessment and received a 100% score ratio.
In appreciation of such a realization the elated Fons of Mbengwi and the population invoked endless ancestral blessings on the Mayor, Tebe Beatrice and decorated the CEO of Kendely Group of Companies Ndang Keneth for putting in more than what was made available as budget by the Council, PNDP, MEKUDA, FEICOM and the European Union for the realization of the said projects which has a direct impact on the lives of the Mbengwi people.
He was honoured with the title of a rationing calabash which has been at the service of the Nation, his Division, and village through road network constructions, infrastructural development and industrial works all around the country.
The venue of the open door presentation of Mayor Tebe Beatrice’s 3 years Balance sheet at the head of Mbengwi Council was on three respective ground, first was at the newly constructed Mortuary and the chapel, the refurbished and restructured Mbengwi market and finally the feed mill where the ceremony proper took place on the 7th day of March 2016.
Unlike the tradition of presenting projects realized by voted officials on paper in conference halls, the dynamic and pragmatic mayor of Mbengwi chose to make public the present of her projects realized these three years by taking the administration and the population to the respective sites for them to see, asses and witness how the achievements of the council are directly impacting the lives of her population.
At the occasion in the respective grounds full of pomp and fanfare, ritual rites were conducted by the Fons of Mbengwi calling on their ancestors to watch over the projects while barring the road from evil intrusion to mare the smooth function of all three business premises which is certainly are a source of revenue for the council and facilities to improve on the lives of the people. 

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