Friday, April 8, 2016

Cameroon 2018 SDF Presidential Hopeful Teche Nyamusa Speaks Out:Warning to international community: Biya, is transition president, hasn’t serious-business mandate!

With Cameroon presidential and allied elections scheduled for 2018, President Paul Biya who rules usurping the powers of Cameroon legislature and judiciary will be cajoling many an alien leader for finance engagements that will likely not be accepted by his successor!

   Cameroonians except his money-triggered CPDM fans are more than fed-up with the 34year continuous economy-slump stay at the helm of the country. Our resolve today is to use the nation’s constitutional last resort of sustained forceful eviction of tyrants from office since he perpetually shuns popular wish on good governance thereby dragging the country into deepening insecurity, poverty, indebtedness….
   Italian president, Sergio Mattarella who came visiting at the invitation of president Biya left Sunday 20 March, 2016 after four days stay in Cameroon. On her part, the IMF boss left here not long ago, others may fall prey in his ( Biya’s)  self seeking plans - we call on various leaders and their respective citizens who Biya comes perching on to be cautious  for  he is   more  than ever a bare  transition  president -   Cameroonians will not honour any Biya deal that is unreasonable; not mandated  and anti  social  welfare. Rumours are rife that president Biya is programming snap polls so as to have advantage as often over his unprepared electoral adversaries – this, if it is true, solves no problem as Cameroonians today are bent on thronging either  of two routes  -  the revamp  of the constitution to ensure separation  of powers hence curbing Biya’s excesses which include massive elections rigging and opaque-cum-underhand governance; or resort to sustainable uprising to  ensure succession as sanctioned  by our governing laws when  Cameroonians are faced with a reckless  perpetually deceitful leader.
            Its worth stating as frequently as possible  that Cameroon bizarrely has barely two  presidents in five decades since independence – late president Ahmadou Ahidjo   and incumbent president Paul Biya ( Biya has been in office as president  uninterrupted for over 34 years now).
            In Biya’s era, the election managing body, despite present in multiparty dispensation, is appointed by the president (Biya himself) with majority personnel made up of his party CPDM militants to guarantee CPDM wins by all cost. Today, Cameroonians of all walks escape the country with anger for paying jobs abroad;    improperly local reality-adapted  educational system ,  unreliable electric power supply  (despite  the country’s huge hydro electric energy potential ) ,  poor health system…are existing realisms here. Thus any leader committing his/her country/organization into any serious engagement with Biya takes a great risk!     

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