Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cameroon: The 1$ Question on the Bangolan Chieftaincy Crisis; Where Has North West Philanthropists\Humanitarians & Peace Crusaders Suddenly Gone to?

*As Fon Chafah Battle to Feed Soldiers Causing Villagers to be on the Run
*Claiming Villagers 17 million with Charges of Arson in Court  
*New Fon Awaiting Trial on New Charges after Administrative Detention Expired

It is unusual for a North Westerner in particular or a Cameroonian to seat and watch a fellow brother or family wallowing in misery and desperation without extending a hand of support. Contrary it is very usual that by the very nature of a North Westerner charitable and hospitable by their very character will do all in their best to help his or her miserable brother. It is not by chance that almost all moves to assist victims into varied circumstances in Cameroon starts and end with a North Westerner and by a North Westerner.
Which surprisingly is what has beat the imagination of this reporter, why elite of the North West extraction has suddenly been mute on the present precarious situation the Fon of Bangolan Fon Chafah is undergoing on the one hand in particular with the troops ensuring his security and the villagers who has been dispersed and can no longer carry on with their routine life style or activities on the other hand.
If one were to count, we will not be able to number the charitable works, gestures and activities of Fon Chafah in his gay days, to name; the move he championed with other Fons to assist Babessi flood victims, the personal move he championed to assist Baba I flood victims, his charitable works and gestures to needy persons, orphanages etc and would have also orchestrated another move to support victims of the Boko Harram attacks in the Northern Region of Cameroon if he was not caught at the middle of the sea with his chieftaincy crisis which he has been left alone to battle with.
The surprising truth and embarrassing fact is that, in the midst of all these wahala no Fon or elite is “COUGHING”? Causing this Reporter to wander aloud on why the silence? Why is no elite taking the front lead to mobilize resources to help Fon Chafah and Villagers? Has benefactors of his free will gestures then, suddenly forgot of his charitable works to lend him lease in return gratitude? What has Fon Chafah and his people done to merit this type of treatment from North Westerners? For as I Report “cartons of soap, oil, bags of rice are leaving North West to the far North to assist Boko Haram victims while the Bangolan victims at the nose of the elite are not seeing any favorable concern” “may be it is because they are paying Fon Chafah in his own coins for haven’t been giving North Westerners only hot water to drink with false impression to quench their taste” or, “are the Fons happy with what is happening to him? We borrow from the words of the ousted Bamali Fon “he supported my dethronement, let him face the consequence and have it hot” Or shall we also interpret the plot to have been masterminded by elite with whom he has scores to settle with? Is it appropriate to leave him in the mess, where he is struggling not to retreat, but must surrender? our subsequent write up will handle that exhaustively.
It is pay back time to Fon Chafah and his villagers, but no assistance is forth coming, it is farming season, but the military has caused villagers to run away from their homes, the small they had to manage with while battling with life is gradually finishing while external support from sons and daughters in the cities and abroad is reducing as months roll in to months with the future undefined for Fon Chafah as the Villagers hold on to their decision paying, total and absolute loyalty to their new crowned Fon.
Who is presently awaiting trial at the Ndop Central prison on new counts levied on him by Fon Chafah for arson and a 17 millions claim after his administrative detention expired last March, 2016.            

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