Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another Uproar Eminent in the North West Region: Tension Mounts in Tudig Against Administrative Excesses

*Villagers to Demonstrate if Government Does not React Very Fast
* While Calling on International Human Rights Bodies to Come to their Aid
*High Hand of North West Highest Land Grabber Suspected  

Just at the Point in time that the durst of the Menchum Military/the people’s clash is about settling, that of ESU land crisis VS Baba Danpullo moving on to court premises, the Bangolan Chieftaincy crisis taking fresh impetus in the North West in a more magnified manner after the people’s Fon was Poisoned to death,  the people of Tudig in Mbengwi Sub-Division have declared vehement intensions to go on rampage if government and particularly his Excellency President Paul Biya does not sack the DO for Mbengwi central  in the person of Aminkeng Charles Formin wandering why an Administrator,  who is the representative of the Head of state in a Sub-Division should take side in a palaver that concerns poor widowed village farmers VS some few herdsmen in a community farm at Tudig. Asking them to vacate the premise for the interest of the few cattle grazers up the hill just at the time when there is increasing needs for the values of second generation agriculture to be promoted in the country and at the country’s peak period where its illustrious Head of State is just from asking Cameroonian in general and the Android generation in particular to go to the farm.
To these poor widowed villagers and their Fon, the excessive acts of the Administration caring less of their welfare is just out to worsen their living situation and would not take it lying down and are nursing at the same time, while hatching plans after writing to the Head of State President Paul Biya through the Governor of the North West Region Adolph Lele L’Afrique and by extension to  the Belgian embassy, that of America, the European Union,  the National and international human right commission on the farmer grazer conflict situation in a letter dated 26th May 2016 captioned and signed by the regent Fon of Tudig Prince Ndong Vincent Awazi “ Intimidation, legal and Administrative harassments by DO Aminkeng against the Palace of Tudig, Tudig citizens and Acha citizens” which is stirred up for selfish interest by some Key elite around the region and herdsmen for selfish interest with the supreme benediction of some powers that be, to go wild, chaotic and crazy on the few borrows around Tudig if they continue pushing them to the wall in their own very blessed land. A portion they freely gave to their then late father in the years 1969 and today their generation of today is claiming right to ownership of a cross section of land over the village, which to them cannot work.
Expressing their woes, miserable positions and situation these widows living basically from the fall outs of the community farm or better still the village farm which covers about 12 hectares which operates with the supported finance of Belgian and American development NGOs have promised to rain hell if anybody would dare want to deprive them of their livelihood and not even going the extend to kill President Paul Biya’s great vision for the country which is greatly seen lying in the farms.
The genesis of the farmer grazer crisis and where the DO of Mbengwi central comes in lies in the fact that, there has been this existing hectares of land about 12 in Tudig village which for years has been a conflict zone between the farmers and the grazers up hill. This centre or area of conflict only borrowed serious attention when recently, in the last six months, a Belgian volunteer, Jan Joris Cappelle who doubles as a specialist in solving farmer grazer crisis sourced for fund worth about 40 millions to support multiple farming activities in the area and was not long repatriated back to Belgium for making it difficult to the administration in solving farmer grazer conflict because “he was too much financing farmers” which was the sole reason for his repatration.
This to the poor widow villagers was annoying and vexing given that they live solely on the fall outs from that farm. Not only that some few bororow individuals have taken upon themselves to be poisoning the mind of the administration and misleading them into actions which are seriously damaging to the welfare of these poor villagers.
The DO Mbengwi central for his over six years over that Sub-Division even dough meticulous in the way he has been handling situation in that part of the country through the enjeuxs currently going on is pleaded by the people out of annoyance to stay hands off the crisis which they know very well that it is orchestrated by some few wayward borrow elements and sponsored by one of North West highest land grabber whom we prefer not to disclose his name.
Worthy to note is also that this matter dates since 13 November 2015 when the DO issued a convocation to the Tudig Fon’s representative, Tudig traditional Council with reference NW.06/02/21310/PS/15 based on a complain from Ardo Horro’s representative of Tudig ardorate against both parties and a certain unknown white Man working in hand to destabilize social Peace in

the conflict area, by trying to put the farmers and grazers at logger heads and blocking of a drinking spot where an injunction order has been placed, on the 17 of that month with intention to forward the matter to the state counsel’s office if they were not to show up.
It is also very important to note that the matter that has been receiving serious administrative attention is also going alongside with misguided Interix orchestrated by individuals for selfish ends which is what the villagers are strongly against and would only desire that what ever such individuals are doing or playing about with, they should leave them with their only source of  livelihood or better still if they have to intervene, it should be to protect and guarantee their landed assert which is what they desire most absolutely.  Hear them “anything other than that we will go on rampage”, calling on the DO who they know is a seasoned administrator to wave off all the fabricated lies and intoxicating facts advanced by enemies of progress and use his clear voyance and administrative charisma to put to rest what is about to ruction into another Tudig village bororow confrontation in the North West Region known reputed for farmers grazers conflicts in Cameroon.  

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