Friday, July 1, 2016

Shey Nfor Musa Pick another Mandate at the Head of CamCCUL* West Governor Hail Network, Cautioning Members from Blackmailers

  The 48th Annual General Meeting of the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League-CamCCUL took place on June 25, 2016 at Talotel Hotel in Bafoussam in the West Region of Cameroon. Addressing delegates in Bafoussam, West Governor Fonka Augustine applauded CamCCUL for its contribution in alleviating poverty. He called on delegates to be diligent in examining and deliberating on pertinent issues that affects the standard of living of affiliated movements. 


On his part, the Government Delegate to Bafousam city council also enjoined CamCCUL for selecting the city of Bafoussam to host such a historic event. He said in 48 years, CamCCUL has acted as a veritable development catalyst in rural areas, semi urban and urban cities. “The multiplier effects of your initiative and actions are laudable in contributing to the socio-economic advancement of our city and in the reduction of rural exodus”. He exhausted the management organs of CamCCUL for their dynamism and leadership skills.
Musa Shey Nfor, CamCCUL President used the solemn opportunity to special words of thanks to Government as well as delegates of the CamCCUL Network who took the pains to travel to Bafoussam. He also extended special appreciations to the Governor of the West Region and the Government Delegate to the Bafoussam City council for consistently and consciously choosing to set aside other numerous duties to preside over the official opening ceremony of the 48th Ordinary Elective Annual General Meeting of CamCCUL. “May I also extend special thanks to the Representatives of H.E the Ministers of Finance, MINADER, MINEPAT, MINEPIA and other partners in development”.
To Musa Shey Nfor, “Great events happen in Great Places when Great people are in charge”. This he said is true with the caliber of persons present at the event. Harping on the exponential changes that have occurred since 1963 that the first Cameroon Credit Union was created in Njinikom with just 50FCFA as savings, he added that “changes come with challenges and challenges build changing challengers, reasons why CamCCUL is;
·         Collectively we have changed and challenged poverty
·         Standing behind the Government as directed by the Head of state, we are challenging insecurity
·         Moving alongside our partners in development we are challenging and changing senseless divisions into meaningful unity and solidarity through inclusive proximity financial services for our members in Batoufam, Kolofata, Meyong Mesala, Munyenge, Fura-Awa, Victoria, Garoua Boulai, Nwa, Oku, Mora, Mvondou just to name a few.
He emphasized that CamCCUL is making the difference because the network has long understood the distance between dreams and reality. He expressed gratitude to MINEPAT for choosing CamCCUL as a principal agent in executing the Govt Sub Project for Poverty Reduction at the Grass root. The Ministers of Agriculture was also applauded for choosing CamCCUL as beneficiary in the PADMIR, PAPA and the Ministry of Livestock selecting CamCCUL as beneficiary/partner of projects such as ADPAM, SOWEDA, MIDENO/LIFIDEP microcredit component. He appealed to Government to put in place accelerated, protected and truly simple recovery procedures for loans in Credit Unions to check the unfortunate attitude of those who “Borrow Big from Small Credit Unions, Refuse to Pay, But Prefer to Fight them using Big Means”. CamCCUL he reiterated is convinced that there is sufficient evidence to qualify certain acts of loan delinquency and to provide them a deterrent place in the new Penal Code (criminal). Musa Shey Nfor also pleaded on Government to improve and pay special security attention to credit unions located in rural areas as well as introduce a special adapted tax regime to credit union to curb cases of tax harassments. He also lamented that while CamCCUL is using ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) for modernization; enemies of progress have developed and are using ABMs (Automatic Blackmailing Machines) which consist of “Rumour Harams” aimed at spreading falsehood to create panic about CamCCUL.
Enter MINEPAT, MINFI, MINEPIA Representatives
MINEPAT Representative Bopda Florence, National Director of Sub program for poverty alleviation at grassroot-Phase II said she was overwhelmed over CamCCUL/MINEPAT partnership. She said that through CamCCUL they have reached over 200 groups and has already disbursed 388 million FCFA while at the level of CamCCUL the sum of 361 million has been shared.
The Representative of MINFI said that his ministry looks up to CamCCUL as a model in the microfinance sector and will make sure that it is accompanied and supported. He lauded Musa Sgey Nfor as a exemplary leader and called on affiliates to respect the COBAC norms. 
Musa Shey Nfor Wins Big
Elections into the Board of CamCCUL marked the turning point of the Bafoussam AGM. Though Kumba delegates could not reach an early consensus on their candidates, the issue was resolved amicably before matters could come to a head. At the end of the day, Musa Shey got a crushing win as 146 delegates of the 148 renewed confidence and trust in him. To the Presidents of Bayela, MITAYEN and the Nkambe Cooperative Credit Union, CamCCUL delegates made a very good choice. 

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