Monday, October 3, 2016

Ahead of IDOP Day 2016: RECEWAPEC 2016 ADA Campaign Team Intensify Calls on Gov’t to Strengthen Course on the Fight against Ageism

These are support moves that will sustain the course for the fight against ageism in Cameroon forever, joining the voice of other callers around the world with the support of Help Age International.


The Regional Centre for the Welfare of Ageing Persons in Cameroon as part of its activities designed for advocacy and lobby in the campaign against ageism this year 2016, marking the commemoration of World IDOP Day, has in a series of meetings, two with the Regional Delegation of Social Affairs, another with partners and Satellite network groups of the centers resolved to address/write and carry a letter with a ten Man delegation to the Prime Minister through the Ministry of Social affairs for a seat down tete-a-tete by the 10th of October 2016 five days after the IDOP Day celebration in Cameroon.
To her, and from the content of the letter, the Delegation shall be advancing reasons why government should attend this year’s UN Convention on the 12 to the 15 of December for the Open Working Group session. How Cameroon’s absence in past meetings has created a great vacuum as issues on Ageing are not best addressed at the level of international platform. While calling on government to contribute more than ever before on ageing issues which is receiving no divided interest around the world, Since it is even increasingly noted that youths are dying faster and living behind the old.
Mindful of the moving trend of the global economy that gives a place for the old in our society, it is incumbent for government to mobilize resources physical, material, financial and spiritual to strengthen the course against ageism which is not creating a suitable environment for the old in our economy.
The letter to government which this reporter laid on read does 


Subject: An Appeal Letter Wooing Cameroon Government to Attend 2016 OWEGA UN Convention on the 12 -15 December
Sir, His Excellency
 Accept best regards and well wishes from the Regional Centre for the Welfare of Ageing Persons in Cameroon (RECEWAPEC), by extension her Cameroon 2016 Age Demand Action (ADA) Campaign Team wooing you to join other world countries in the upcoming UN Convention for the elderly.
We the Centre/CSO RECEWAPEC; bearing consideration of the fact that there is absolute need for the highlight of the prevalence of “ageism”  across the world and the urgent need for a formidable force to jointly clamor for elderly rights,
-Considering the fact that Cameroon has never been part of the Open Working Group to the UN Convention to contribute her own quota or Contributions to world action for elderly rights,
-Conscious of the fact that the old are open to stigmas of all form and need legal standing orders for them to be fought collectively,
-Mindful of the fact that government has to be better informed on laws applied to the abuse of elderly rights
-Knowing very well that the supreme dispensation of this era requires all governments to be part of world conventions governing the actions of Old people,
Invite our beloved government through the Ministry of Social affairs to see need and reason to be part of the up coming UN Convention of elderly rights to be part of the framework, for the protection and the promotion of elderly rights, prohibit discrimination amongst the old, while building a strong implementation, monitoring and accountability system in that world influencing Union.
It is on the basis of the above premise that we sir, his Excellency before your high office come appealing for your total support and commitment or engagement to be part of this grand rendezvous that will help better issues around the world for the interest of all old people “even you” when you will come to that stage in LIFE.
As we look forward hearing from you, we remain humbly your solicitors
Regional Center for the Welfare of Ageing Persons in Cameroon
C/O 2016 Cameroon ADA Campaign Team

Against the backdrop of the above consideration the Regional Centre for the Welfare of Ageing persons in Cameroon more than ever before, has decided to unite all the man force on Cameroon’s soil to see that a befitting place or environment is created for the old in Cameroon.
Speaking to the Press, the CEO who doubles as the founder of RECEWAPEC Prince Ngochia Bengha Martin ahead of the great encounter with the Prime Minister Head of Government and 2016 IDOP Day celebration said “we are dedicated servants, committed in the course for the creating of a better living and suitable environment for the old in Cameroon. It is our social responsibility each to help the old out of the mess she is subjected to called old age abuses. We started the fight and will succeed by the Grace of God, God Bless the old in Cameroon”.
This year’s 2016 world IDOP Day is celebrated under the theme “take a stand against ageism” which in clear terms according to WHO means “stereotyping and discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age, ageism can take many forms including prejudicial attitudes, discriminatory practices, or institutional policies and practices that perpetrate stereotype beliefs”.

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