Monday, October 3, 2016

As Race for SDF Regional Chairmanship Goes Crucial; 10 Solid Reasons Why Mayor Tossam Bernard & Not Njong Will Emerge Victor

The Northwest social Democratic Front (SDF) militants are brazing up for the regional reorganization due to take place in no distant future. But one thing is at stake among the militants, the right person to be elected the Northwest SDF regional Chairman.


According to the to opinion Poll and vox pop conducted by World Echoes Newspaper, the mayor of Belo, Tossam Bernard who doubles as the Vice President of the Union of Councils, of  Boyo Division of the  Northwest  region appears to be the man of the people that will  flush out the incumbent, Hon. Njong  Evaristus  from office most likely, all coming from the same village.
The respondents are unanimous that Mayor Tossam is down to earth, God-fearing, accountable and an achiever that SDF militants will certainly vote him as the new Northwest SDF regional Chairman.
Others who support Tossam Bernard argue that he is like the former SDF Provincial Chairman, Kum Henry, who unfortunately decamped to the ruling CPDM party. According to them, Tossam Bernard if voted Northwest SDF chairman, he will do all to  reconcile  militants and hold party meeting and  rallies frequently which is the spirit Kum Henry had that of animating the party from top right down to grassroots.
 In another vein, some noted that Tossam Bernard has been actively SDF and mayor of Belo council for over 20 years, meaning that he is somebody who knows the house, (the Social Democratic Front (SDF) very well and will therefore deliver the goods. Consequently there is no reason beating around the bush about who will emerge the victor other than the all loving Tossam after the great Provincial challenge with almighty knowing Njong not long from now.
Most importantly, Belo council and by extension, Boyo Division,  has promised Mayor Tossam Bernard 100% vote come the Northwest SDF reorganization. They say Tossam is some one who visits  and  assists those he knows in times of problems, reason why Belo SDF militants keep on electing him and the Social Democratic Front (SDF).
Meanwhile ¾ of mayors and district chairpersons of the Northwest region are for Tossam Bernard not only especially because he is their vice president of the Union of Councils of Cameroon (UCCC) which has achieved so much for the entire region but also because he is master minder of clean, accountable and transparent politics, which has gone a long way to give credibility to the Party and some of its leaders.
And what is more, most of the Northwest SDF militants are equally unanimous that if there’s one person they must vote during the Northwest reorganization, that person should be Tossam Bernard. According to them, Mayor Tossam Bernard is very instrumental when it comes to solving problems especially party problems. They instanced the case of Tubah and other councils during the 2013 municipal elections noting that if SDF in the North West Region is almost dying down, it’s because the incumbent SDF regional chairman lacks the spirit of problem solving or most likely was t the centre of most of the crisis, consequently, they have resolved to rally behind Tossam Bernard to ensure that he becomes the new Northwest SDF chairman to reshape and reorganize the almost shattered party.
As a successful Politician, most of the correspondents were of the opinion that Tossam Bernard is a leader par excellence. They see him as a bulldozer and developer who should be pushed to the helm of Northwest SDF chairman’s position.
And if there’s one thing that has propelled Mayor Tossam Bernard the more it’s the fact that non of his SDF Councilors of Belo was bought over in the 2012 senatorial elections by the CPDM easily to vote the ruling party during the elections but for one and others out of his council area thanks to the weakness of his predecessor.

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