Friday, November 4, 2016

Confederation of Cameroon Anglophone Journalists for a United and Stable Cameroon (CCAJ-USCam) States Stand on Present State of Affairs in Cameroon as Tension Rise

In a Press Briefing to hold today 4th November 2016 by 11 am The Confederation shall be advancing their views on burning issues affecting the life of the Cameroon Nation at the Nkwen Fon’s Palace. The Confederation as to her Promoters Headed by Tamukong Roland Angong President Genral and Dotta Ezikiel as Sectary General Shall be working under the modus operandi The Media United for a  Better Cameroon.

The Mission of the Association or better still the Cameroon Anglophone Journalists Movement to “safe Cameroon” in the phase of mounting crisis and tensions comes at the foothills of flaring tempers and misunderstanding that is characterizing this 21st century and needs the timely intervention of the Press which is the fourth arm of the State and should be the first agent of peace building. In the midst of these multiple challenges to a great nation of ours which is undergoing the litmus test of decentralization it is but normal that she is supposed to be subjected to the force of evolution at all levels which irreversible, hence the advent of different shades of opinions which to our reason or opinion should not be at the detriment of the growth of our economy or provoke civil unrest. We each owe a duty and responsibility to this country which is to be patriotic and guard over its integrity. If we are assembled here today, it is for the purpose of our responsibility not to allow some gullible Cameroonians cause, excite or exploit ignorant minds to stir civil disobedience that will ground or plunge our economy into great crisis. Posterity shall judge each and every one of us if in one way or the other we contributed positively or negatively to the greatness of this nation. It is easy to say lets strike or let’s go to war? But is it easy to quench the Fire? Another big question is must we strike to be heard? Where is the role of dialogue? Should private interest overshadow collective welfare in any advancement? In unity much still has to be done? Are we sure after separation, we shall be able to survive? Take a look at those championing the course? We are all quite aware of their selfish and egoistic plans. It is in answer to all these questions that we conscious and awakened journalist took up the initiative to STAND UP FOR OUR NATION WITH TOMBS UP FOR A PEACEFUL NATION, A UNITED AND INDIVISIBLE CAMEROON WHERE SONS AND DAUGHTERS WILL LIVE IN Love and harmony for EVER.  As we look forward having all true Anglophone Cameroonians swing into positive actions that will salvage the actions of any machination orchestrated by some of these unpatriotic hired mercenaries.

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