Friday, December 2, 2016

How Stunch & Blunt Southern Cameroonians See PM's Decision of 1st December 2016 Subsidizing Lay Private Institutions with 2 Billions & 1000 Recruitment of Teachers

Biya thinks Southern Cameroonians Are Fools: We must be resolute
So the government today signs a decree ordering recruitment of 1000 bilingual teachers, then offers 2 billion subvention to lay private schools, creates an ad-hoc committee packed with government ministers. The government still does not get it. They always use money to divide the people. Now the government is hoping lay private schools will be fighting for 2 billion now rather than continuing the strike. How does the recruitment of 1000 Bilingual teachers solve the problem? Where are even the 1000 bilingual teachers? Is it not one of the questions the teachers were raising where Francophones are said to be packed in ENS Bambili and ENSET Kumba as such teachers are lacking to cover up in Anglophone schools etc? Do we have bilingual training schools in Cameroon where teachers are trained? This move is only geared at calming the situation. Teachers must not be fooled.
This government has shown no sincerity in solving the issues. They have not condemned the brutality on students and lawyers. Yet, they are fast in providing cosmetic solutions so that teachers will be back to class. Teachers and Lawyers must not fall to this cheap call of the signed decree. As it stands, the government just signed anything that could stop the strike. We know this government and how they do not keep promises. We know the history of creating committees. Teachers must shine their eyes.
Teachers should be aware not to betray the people, nor the lawyers. The only sustainable solution is FEDERATION OR INDEPENDENCE. Teachers and Lawyers and the Southern Cameroons people should rally under one platform. The people are into this. We need a unified platform that will champion the call, organize rallies etc. The Southern Cameroons people are ready to fund this.
I have been singing this again and again. Once the government succeeds in fooling teachers and lawyers with cosmetic solutions, they will come heavily at the teachers and lawyers union. They will destroy it and target the leaders.
Teachers and Lawyers should use this opportunity now that Southern Cameroonians are behind them to reach out to all that will meet the expectations of Anglophone Cameroonians.

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