Friday, May 19, 2017

CPP Father/Founder Rev. Prof Tita Sameul Fon Says "Cameroon People's Party (CPP) is not Boycotting 2017 May 20th Celeberation in Cameroon" According this Press Release on the 17th May 2017

            The position Statement of the Honorary National chairman, Founder and Father of Cameroon People’s Party  - CPP, Rev. Prof. Tita Samuel Fon, concerning the National- day Celebration – 20th May 2017.
            In view of the fact that CPP since its creation in 1991 has remained a political party that is heading to the helm of leadership in Cameroon.
            In view of the fact that we can only achieve this noble vision in an atmosphere of peace, Unity and total love of our fatherland .
            In view of the fact that  the National –day celebration is for all Citizens to express their love for their fatherland .
            In view of the fact that militants of CPP are Cameroon Citizens and will earnestly love to express publicly their love for their fatherland on the 20th May 2017.
            In view of the fact that it is God’s wish that we are alive to Celebrate this great day in the history of our Country.
            In my capacity as the Honorary National Chairman, Founder and Father of our great party CPP, I call on all the militants and sympathizes to come out and let this day be given the pride that will please our God for all His mercies on Cameroon.
            For my militants in particular and all the people of Cameroon, I wish us a happy 20th May 2017 Celebration. May God continue to shower  on us His abundant mercies as we go on our knees searching for His lasting solutions to our mortal problems. We are happy to be born Cameroonians and no other Country in the World is called Cameroon. Why should we not Celebrate our National –day? Happy 20th May, 2017, to all the people of Cameroon.

                                                                                Rev.Prof. Tita Samuel Fon (PhD)
                                                                                           Tel:       677 677 157

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