Saturday, June 10, 2017

As Anglophone Struggle Enters Full Gear: SDF Buried  Chairman & Party Before the People’s Court

Ø Operation “Win 2018 Presidential Elections” Heavily Criticized
Ø As Fru Ndi Resorts to Human Rights Escort Riding for outlawed Consortium Leaders & others awaiting trial to Drum Support
*Social Media Activists/Population Rain Hell on Him Saying “No Election on Ambasland”
*October 2017 Slated for National Convention of the Party
End Time Signals for Fru Ndi & SDF Looms in S.Cameroon
In fact news has gone viral on social media recently accompanied by the recent take on Fru Ndi and his Party the SDF by French Newspapers that time is gradually getting out and danger looms for Cameroon’s one time front line opposition leader and his party in Cameroon politic for of recent times exhibiting bad fate.
Tired, feed up with his open romance with the regime and government in place, the one time Cameroon’s 1990’s hero who is responsible or is the source of her liberal rights today, may soon go packing out of Anglophone Cameroon, at the same time facing the people’s tribunal and placed under serious cross examination, for ill intended actions.
Proof of this pending doom for the icon and his political party was what went ensued last November 2016 when the Teachers and common Law Lawyers launched their strike and he came in just immediately to preach peace at the commercial avenue and received not only a stone of insults but tornados of abuses from social media activists who were suffocated to the brim with anger against the regime for marginalizing Anglophone Cameroonian and could not condole with any force which to them was out to jeopardize and weaken their course.
In another instance, during the coffin Revolution staged by Mancho Bibixy who is currently in jail at the Kondengue maximum security prison awaiting trial, the angry mob of youths around food market drove Fru Ndi saying that, “ they are tired of his fruitless moves to free Anglophone Cameroonians and that they have taken their destiny in their hands”.
On another occasion, when Mancho Bibixxy was picked after all the security he guaranteed the said Southern Cameroon activist, angry youths marching to his Ntarikon residence were only stopped or called to order by troops of the regime.
With all these bad signs and signals looming at the corner, and a bleak political future standing glare for the party and its chieftain, the one time venerated political Messiah of Anglophone Cameroonians has been fidgeting and battling on the political scene with his handful militants and sympathizers to regain back glory or win back the admiration of the people who are feed up with his political gimmicks and maneuvers so far.
It is not for nothing that this political Guru in acts to appease Anglophone Cameroonians had to forcefully march with his Senators and Members of Parliament in the North West and South West Region respectively in the heart of the crisis in support of the Teachers and the Lawyers strike. His call for the unconditional release of all those arrested in the course of the strike before frank dialogues can continue in order that schools can resume, further reechoes his “Safe face crusade” to win back the admiration of the people most especially the youths who have lost trust in him.
In the course of doing so, chairman opened another wound for challenge which is still vexing the youths. By standing for a Federation and not secession or immediate independence is not appeasing to the fumed youths who think only separation can give Anglophone Cameroonians their desired goals or wishes and sees every action of his as a” windscreen propaganda”.
Generally from the look of things, Fru Ndi’s last outing calling on boycott of May 20th celebration in its 45 edition which was grossly disobeyed by some of his Mayors and MPs, brought mockery to the party, as all other eight political parties who indicated also to boycott ended up marching to the surprise of SDF. Political pundits in the same vein also questioned how and why should a National party with its leader who has been looking forward to be the Head of state be boycotting a National event for the sake of Anglophones with militants from all the ten regions in Cameroon. To them it is reducing the party to an Anglophone party as such should not buy the support of Francophones. Adding to it, the controversial launching of the operation “win 2018 presidential election” after last NEC meeting has sparked great confusion as the population is still questioning the need for the boycott of 20th May 2017 and at the same time indicate the need to part take in the 2018 Presidentials.
The recent take on him and recent financial revelation or scandals made by French newspapers on Fru Ndi’s person and about his alleged shady deals with the government further marks a note of danger on the party and its leader. Not only that, the fact that he or his car can be attack in the heart of Bamenda seat of his political base means there is no safer place for him to live in Anglophone Cameroon than in the Fracophone Region, no doubt news avails that he owns a villa in Yaounde.
The future from the look of things is not very promising for the SDF and its astute leader as things have suddenly taken a “U” Turn and what was unknown is now to the lime light. Jumping in now to escort ride human rights crusade or activities for the benefit of outlawed consortium leaders and others awaiting trials after last NEC meeting, is just in context with the wooing plans and strategies of the chairman to win back the confidence of Southern Cameroonians. 
From the look of things, the Biya regime in question is no longer afraid of him and his calls for boycotts as it is interpreted as another scam haven’t been silenced. Hear them on their drinking tables “for fear of poor turn out of militants on May 20th and heavy boycott of SDF 2017 anniversary by Southern Cameroonians, Fru Ndi plays the ostrich and announce low key celebration in sympathy for Anglophone Cameroonians unlawfully detained fighting for the liberation course”. Such statements or remarks of recent time have accompanied some if not all of Fru Ndi’s political actions. You need to read social media operators/ activists or population’s opinion on what they have as their take on the multiple actions of the chairman on the Cameroonian political scene and how they now see him.
With all the above, other shades of opinion or better still unoptimistic political analyst holds it very strong that it is almost pay back time for the one time front line opposition party in Cameroon which is gradually loosing it glorious position to others. With or without SDF the Cameroonian political scene is still highly animated with or by others political parties. Worst of it all true sympathizers of the party who are Anglophones now see their destinies in the hands of Tassang Wilfred, Agbor Balla, Dr Felix, Ayah Paul Abine, Mancho Bibixxy, their social media activists and not the 1990 hero or champion who is now tagged a traitor.
The big question lies in the hands of Cameroonians, who is fooling who? Who is selling after the market? Where will all these windscreen propaganda take us to? What does the future hold for Anglophone Cameroonians? Any headway?

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