Saturday, June 10, 2017

Uproar in the South West against Grand Chancellor of National Orders: Peter Mafany Petitioned, For Acts of Favoritism, Egoism & Tribalism

Ø  Over May 20th Medals Attribution Scandal
Ø  Musonge/Lifaka CPDM Camp in Deep-Shit
Ø  The Ekema’s Vindicated & Venerated
Ø  Faith of the National Commission for Bilingualism Questioned Under Musonge’s Pilot ship
Durst has not yet settled with the celebration and jubilation that crowned and marked Mayor Ekema Patrick’s state Medal of honour for his dedicated service to the nation on the 20th of May 2017.
Before another one rose as a result of the need for sanity to be reinstated within the CPDM ranks and party circles in the South West Region and Fako Division most especially and the need for Peter Mafanyi Musonge CPDM Regional coordinator who doubles as the grand chancellor of National orders in particular to be called to order by the CPDM central committee before he destroys the party.
News avails that the Musonge and Lifaka camp of the CPDM in the South West Region of Cameroon not very much happy with Mayor Ekema’s name on the lists of those to be awarded medals on May 20th 2017, cooked up and brought in a second lists of medalists who are alleged not to have even applied for medals or filed in before the commission to be selected as laureates of the did exercise.
Scandalized by the fact that obscured names came up in the lists and some, if not all from Musonge’s camp of the CPDM vexed die heart militants of the party had to petition the central committee for gross irregularities deliberately carried out by the grand chancellor of national orders to favor his camp of the party. To them the party is not only for a particular camp, section or Sub section, village etc.
Questioning the out rightly introduced names for medals which reduces credibility and the worth of the medals, as most were not attributed the medals out of merit, the south west population call on the head of state to take special note of the case of south west and better still bring a trust worthy and reliable commission to handle such matter.
South west at this juncture is boiling with flaring tempers over the great confusion the Musonge and Lifaka camp have been creating to destabilize the smooth running and functioning of the party because of their self centered styled tribal ways of behaving. And warns that if action immediately taken by the party’s, National chairman of the CPDM H.E President Paul Biya for peace to reign, he may only come to meet his most cherished party in the South West  in pieces caused by H.E Mafanyi Musonge.
The petition to the CPDM Central Committee read does;
From the Section President CPDM South West Region
Through the Sectary General CPDM Central Committee
To the National Chairman of the CPDM
Subject: Report on acts of favoritism, Egoism and Tribalism
Your Excellency, we write to bring to your notice some disturbing and frustrating acts bearing on the subject cited supra.
Your Excellency we are writing in reaction to the recent addendum on the list of medal awarded in the South West Region. This situation demonstrates eloquently what level of torment and torture we are undergoing under the stewardship of H.E Peter Mafanyi Musonge as political leader of our most cherished region. We believe that the award of medals is in recognition of hard and meritorious services rendered to the state. Going by this, it is appealing to note that H.E Peter Mafanyi the political leader of our Region, who hails from fako Division and Buea in particular elects to award medals as Grand Chancellor of National Orders to all the Section Presidents of the three wings of the party in all the sections in Fako Division.
Sir, medals are awarded on merits and that is what gives them weight and honour. Sir, it is worth noting that about 90% of the section presidents in the entire Fako Divisions are new comers, who have not distinguished themselves in any way. More so sir, permit us remind you that Fako Division had the worst scenario during the 2015 reorganization in the entire nation. It is no secret to note that, all the candidates were hand-picked and imposed reasons why Fako is the most fragmented Division as far as the party in concerned.
Sir, some of us are three mandate section Presidents who have toiled and moiled for this our great national party, surprisingly we see starters emerging in front of us as if we are inactive. One would have imagined that, with the prevailing state of affairs across the English speaking part of the nation, and more importantly as chairperson of an important and strategic commission, he would have shared the seventeen medals he has awarded to Fako kins men equitably to the entire region to serve as an encouragement and a boaster at the eve of unwanted calls on boycott of national day celebration as well as upcoming political consultations.
The ongoing Anglophone crisis
As mentioned in Passing supra, apart from the section President of Fako IA and Fako II ie ( Limbe I and Muyuka) who are making a second appearance as section presidents, the rest are new comers who have not been active, nor seen at the fore front of party or political lines, we wander therefore what abruptly qualified them to deserve such honour and merits.
We opine that the award of medals is a process which begins from the local administrative and political structures which lead to the award process. Local administrative authorities in the various structures of the region can attest to the fact that, since the beginning of the Anglophone crisis, only the section president of Fako IA has been seen coming out with initiatives within the ranks of the section presidents in Fako, but either by omission or commission his name is tactfully left out, possibly for some other compensations.
It is devastating, to note that all the other section presidents, especially the CPDM and YCPDM presidents of Buea and Tiko who have absconded the scene for the former and absentee landlord for the latter are here given a tap on the back for inefficiency.
Except out of bad faith and bias, the section president from Meme IA has been at the fore front protecting, demonstrating publicly and defending the state and the party during public peaceful demonstrations. We wander why such efforts are not recognized, this act of our leaders goes deep in killing initiatives, demobilizing and fragmenting the party more and more.
Representation of the Upper/Lower House of Parliament
Sir, to buttress our case, we want you to carry out an introspection on the distribution of the senatorial as well as parliamentary seats for the South West region. The political leader who hail from Buea, here again demonstrated his lackluster attitude to the region over the years. Despite his Fako origin, he again marginalized the Division in the distribution, in favor of his Buea Sub-Division. Permit us remind you on the configuration of the MPs and senato;
South West Region has sixteen parliamentarians for the six Divisions that make up the region.
At the Senate
Out of 10 senators, Fako Division alone has three senators. Worthy of note is the fact that, all the three come from Buea Sub-Division. Just like of the four MPs from Fako two are from Buea sub-division.
Your excellency, if we are putting these few accumulated grievance to you, motivated by this indiscriminate award of medals by our political leader, it is for you to have an insight knowledge on what we are going through for quite some time running. We are conscious that, with you resolate stance in bringing sanity to all the institutions you incarnate, this situation of ours should also be looked into, more so as we approach capital elections.
We remain your humble and dedicated militants.
Yours in Service
Cc:H.E the Governor of the South West Region
Signed by eight persons section presidents and youth presidents of the CPDM.   

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