Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cameroon: As Cameroon Anglophone Crisis Goes International, Man Hunt Intensifies; Shu Elvis Neba (YOLA) President and Vice Uchouwed Cleopas Ambinjioh Cum Consortium Members Wanted

Reports reaching our news room from human rights organizations and undisclosed sources close to the Cameroon intelligence department hold that outright abductions and arrests in the Anglophone part of the country are continues irrespective of the frank dialogue initiated by H.E President Paul Biya to look for peaceful way through the two Ad-hoc committees put in place to solve the problems raised by the teachers, common Law Lawyers, federalist and secessionist since November 2016.
Contrary to world views and the opinions of civil society activists, the government of Cameroon is bent on caging all Anglophone Cameroonians who have been championing the rebellious and treasonable crusade for secession.


It should be noted that well over (61) sixty one Anglophone Cameroonians were arrested since the beginning of the crisis in November 2016 and there are still a good number who have been shortlisted hiding in neighboring countries Nigeria, south Africa, west Africa, or have fled abroad to America, Europe, Belgium and in Asia, China, Singapore South Korea and Japan.
The state of civil unrest quite uncomfortable to the Biya regime in place has caused untold suffering, economic hardship in the country and inertia, not to talk of the doors of schools which has been permanently lock and economic activities in these part of the country permanently paralyzed by “Ghost towns”.
As we report, the awaiting and expectant population of the North West and South West Region who desire so dearly that their leaders should be released, are bent on mud gauging this 2017/2018 academic school year, if the regime in place does not grant total and unconditional amnesty to all those arrested and kept at the Kondengui maximum security prison in Yaounde and the people of Southern Cameroon’s independence.
Shu Elvis Neba, President of (YOLA) Young Learners Association, its Vice Uchouwed Cleopas Abinjioh all consortium members and others, are amongst those in the fresh lists of those pending arrest who joined Mancho Bibixy in Bamenda to Launch the “Coffin Revolution” in January 2016, which since then has kept part of the country permanently held down or has grounded economic activities in these parts of the country, that is North West and South West Region of Cameroon.    
As we look onto the future, while decrying the ills of the regime and its dictators, only time can resolutely and genuinely spell out details of what the struggle will tell as the regime while claiming to be negotiating with the actors concern are effecting under ground arrests and exciting confusion amongst activists to kill the or neutralize the struggle.
Being a humanity reporter and a social security advocate of this Media organ, not very happy with the present state of situation and the great marginalization Anglophone Cameroonians in these part of the country are subjected to, I am tempted to conclude, that with certainty and without contradiction that the government of Cameroon from the look of things, is bent on neutralizing the struggle at all cost and will do all it takes to cause the repatriation of all those who have fled abroad to face justice squarely and criminal charges for committing crimes against the state, that is secession.

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