Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ambazonian Revolution Gaining Grounds in the Diaspora; President Seseku Ayuke Tabe Commission Swedish Delagates to Office

The Ambazonian struggle it should be noted was what started as the Lawyers and teacher’s Trade union pacific strike in 2016 clamoring for their rights and suddenly toke another twixt for want of autonomy in what is today termed Ambazonian liberation struggle embraced by all Cameroonians at home and abroad.

The wild wind of awakening that started in 2016 and took Cameroon unaware right up to this present juncture
e 2017, has left for telling impact in the political scene what is today known as ground zero as the Ambazonian Governing Council (AGC) rightly puts it.

Fractions and camps crop up, comprising the Interim Government, SCOOP, SACCUF, SCNC, the consortium etc all in the name of liberating Anglophone Cameroonians from their French counterparts with whom they have suffered so much prejudice of marginalization for the past 61 years living together.
Operating at all fronts and looking at the divide and rule tactics the Biya’s government was instituting to kill the struggle at home and abroad, Seseku Ayke Tabe the emblematic and charismatic leader of the AGC took Europe and the America’s by storm installing in every occasion interim government in most of the countries having quite a good number of activists.
It was in one of such revolutionary outings that Seseku Ayuke Tabe President of the Ambazonian Republic created and installed officials to head the liberation struggle in Sweden dubbed the Association of Southern Cameroonians in Sweden June 2017 with George Njume as one of its Delegates.
This unit amongst other vibrant arms of the Abazonian struggle has and is almost putting all to a stand still in the English speaking part of Cameroon as a strategy to cause the Biya government bow. The ceaseless and tireless actions of these units have caused schools to be grounded in these parts of the country for well over two years now. Youths have taken up arms and jumped into the bush seeking justice in the face of aggressive and violent attacks of the Cameroonian armies. Human and material lost cannot be calculated not to talk of displaced persons about 400000 in number seeking refuge in the bushes and neighboring countries.
As we report there is a serious crack down on activists and man hunt at home and abroad to bring front line members of the struggle to books. Intelligence report even holds that the Cameroon government is cooking up extradition treaty with countries harboring activist for abduction to face trial on Cameroon soils.

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