Friday, August 10, 2018

10 Reasons Why Schools Should Effectively Resume in Anglophone Cameroon this September

🆎 Ten Reasons why schools must resume effectively all over Southern Cameroon.🔢 
🆎1) To stop our children from crossing over to La Republic schools where they continue to learn the french culture.
🆎2) To prevent transfer of hard earned money to La Republic in form of school fees.
🆎3) So that our future leaders be educated.
🆎4-To prove to La Republic leaders that we control our destiny, especially our education
🆎5) To prove to the world that we know the value of education and respect our Children's right to education.
🆎6) To let the world know that our struggle is not against our own children, but against La Republic.
🆎7) To prevent Ambaland children in the Diaspora whose parents have not spent sleepless nights like we do  from looking low on our children in.
🆎8) To put smiles on the faces of our children, especially those who have not gone to school during the last 2years.
🆎9) To safe our educational infrastructure from dilapidation and preserve them for the future state.
🆎10) To attract Gods blessings for the struggle since children are like angels.
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