Sunday, June 14, 2015

2014\2015 Best Rated Mayors by the Press & Civil Society for Mastering the Game of Council Development

Mayor Balick Awah Fedelis
Is the Mayor of Bamenda II who is running his second mandate and is exhausting the second year with overhauling impact at the helm of that Municipality under the tickets of SDF. From Mankon and as a teacher by profession, Balick for these years has injected in Council management rigor, moralization and transparency in council management.
Thanks to Mayor Balick, the Bamenda II Council has a befitting Council chamber which has no march in the North West. Development works in the Municipality is taking the fastest trend not leaving out infrastructural development in all its forms, hygiene and sanitation.
Mayor Donkfac Beaudelaire
Is the Mayor of Dschang Council seat and head quarter of the Menoua Division West Region host town of the University of Dschang. He took over from Prof. Bernard Momo, as a business Man, a contractor and Traditional Ruler who masters the in and out of Dschang, he has been able for these years to multiply efforts with partners foreign Councils like that of Italy and France to speed up development in his Municipality under the umbrella of the CPDM Party making absolute use of the famous lac Municipale and Hysacam.
His development works from increased revenue collected in the municipality runs, from farm to market roads, to the building of culverts and the grading of roads, assistance to schools and hospitals, farm inputs to farmers above all the much needed hygiene and sanitation for the city of Dschang.
Hard work and a combination of team spirit in action are responsible for his success story as he recounts in French “notre secret, ce de travailler ensemble pour le development de notre Comune”.
Mayor Tanjoh Federick
Is the Mayor of Batibo Council a seasoned teacher and a developer par excellence. He is chief in command over the road side Council along the Cameroon Nigeria Enugu road. He is on his second year in his first mandate taking over leadership from Teno Lawrence. He is young, dynamic, very energetic and industrious. That is why the town of Batibo has known immense changes with his advent, the Enugu road only comes to increase revenue in his municipality to enable him embark more on multi million giant projects for the Municipality. He has as plans to import heavy duty machines for Council and personally carry out development works in his Municipality.
Mayor Mbombo Abel Chenyi
Known as the King Solomon of Ngoketunjia and the Political Maradona of the year, is known reputed for his astute ways in Council management and development. He is a senior state chartered accountant who took over from Ntoh Daniel once while as Deputy and now fully mandated. Mayor Abel the Finance expert is known honest for his clear voiyance in council administration and transparent judicious management of council funds. Thanks to him and collaborators, revenue collection in the municipality has increased more farms to market roads dug, support to needy communities and persons increased not to talk of water and farm infrastructure to farmers.
Also thanks to him and his lobby spirit the industrial pool centre for the North West shall be planted in his Municipality, not to over emphasize on what is appearing on the Cameroon project logbook as government projects for his Council area.
Mayor Tanjong Martin
Is another Miracle worker in Council management just like almighty Prince Pius Ngwa Amandu of Blessed memory in Cameroon. Mayor Tanjong the Bulldozer, scores the shot for injecting steam in Council management and governance. First in the domain of increasing avenues for the collection of revenue in the municipality to foster development with his poultry farm, the cattle market etc.  Secondly, the wild road expansion works in his Council area we are talking here of the 8km of road in Kedjom Keku, the second access road to the University of Bamenda and the road from Bambili Palace through to the entrance to the old Council. Thirdly, the mass campaign for the removal of containers in the municipality which is seeing effect, Fourthly, his ventures into importing heavy duty machines for the Council like a head loader, a crane, a truck, a brand new RAV4 2014 mark service car for the Council and Hysacam for waste disposal and recycling. Fifthly, for flying the Council abroad to meet the need of greater emergence and twinning with developed Councils. We are here talking of the trip to Canada last year for decentralized Councils organized at Monte Real, and the recent one to Belgium with the Minister of territorial Administration and decentralization, are all support actions to justify that Mayor Tanjong Martin is a Model Mayor with qualities that words cannot best asses or march.     

Mayor Tubah Tanjong Martin Meshongong

Mayor Dschang Donfack Boudelaire

Mayor Bamenda II Balick Awah Fidelis

Mayor Ndop Mbombo Abel Chenyi

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