Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saying it all Without Bias! What is Tearing NOWEFU Apart as “Kaduna Mafia” Saga Magnifies: *Fon Teche Senator Njei Spits Fire Again *Fon Chafah 4th Grade Magistrate Floors Teche

*Ntumfor Turns Down NOWEFU’s Reconciliation Move
*Council of Elderly Fons to Discipline Unclassified Fons
*Fon Forbuzie to Lead a Delegation this Week to Broker for Peace with Ntumfor  
*NOWEFU at the Middle of the Road, NO Head Way

 “To ashes and ruination has NOWEFU become! Exclaimed a good number of North West Fons who have for this short while been embarrassed by the circumstances and the frequency at which things are moving within the Union tailored by one time old very good friends Fon Chafah and Teche all nick named then “Kaduna Mafia”.
The genesis of this problem erupted when Fon Chafah personally cooked up and brought in Fon Teche as President General of NOWEFU after Fon Aneng’s Mandate from Menchum in a bit having absolute control over NOWEFU using Fon Teche as a stooge answerable to him and not the General Assembly of Fons.
Unfortunately for him, immediately Fon Teche grabbed power, he outsmarted Fon Chafah by tactfully clinging on the wings of H.E Senator Simon Achidi Achu (who embraced Fon Teche with all arms for several reasons, one amongst others to teach Fon Chafah a bitter Lesson for not remaining loyal to him after all his support while as Minister of Justice and  Prime Minister of Cameroon) to be appointed Senator to the chagrin of Fon Chafah who saw that as a fast one meted on him, outsmarting his mission and hijacking a crown that was rightfully his.
This is where the problem exactly started, from here, Fon Chafah staged several meetings to discredit Fon Teche before the eyes of the Regime, just as Fon Teche has also been working tirelessly, doing all in his best to puncture and water down all Fon Chafah’s Ploys.
Laughing over it, Fon Teche will always react when accosted by the Press “I am a Senator whether they like it or not, it is my own turn to enjoy this country, who said Senator ship was meant for particular individuals, I am a real politician and played my cards well, I am a bureau member of the Senate let them come and remove me from there, I remain NOWEFU President until I hand over command, to their attention I have been issued a license to import and export crude oil, they should stop crying over spilt milk, I am comfortable and will do just what pleases the Fons, there is no big or small Fon a Fon is a Fon, my wish is for the welfare of the Union not meeting the personal aspirations of individuals” That is how the problem between Fon Chafah and Fon Teche all started in 2012.
Recently the bone of contention was on fresh elections to be conducted at the end of Fon Teche’s Mandate last March which was overdue and Fon Chafah had to come in to draw the attention of the administration who after convening a meeting with all the parties concerned, resolved that NOWEFU’s constitution be reviewed and the association made legal since the association’s file before the SDO of Mezam was empty and given the fact that there were three existing constitutions for the same association.
What Fon Chafah the Co-Founder of NOWEFU, 4th Grade Magistrate, who double as SG of the Cameroon Traditional Rulers Association differed with, interpreting the SDO’s Decision as a calculated attempt with Fon Teche to manipulate and review the constitution against the wishes of the Big Fons a camp in which he belongs.
Reasons why he addressed a seven page document to the SDO of Mezam condemning his actions and copying all major forces in the Republic of the calculated attempt of the SDO of Mezam and Fon Teche to overturn things in a Union that was duly registered and made legal by the then SDO Jules Marceline Njaga who is now Governor.
On another occasion recently in the Bambui Palace on the 29th May 2015 Fon Teche caring less of all the threats from Fon Chafah’s letter, went ahead with some Fons to hold an enlarge exco meeting of NOWEFU where the constitution was reviewed with 25 article and 26 internal regulations, a Press release written and signed by the college of Fons present uplifting the suspension which Fon Chafah personally placed on Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle and finally addressed a motion of support to President Paul Biya.
As a counter, another meeting in the same light, is programmed still in Bamenda in no distance time by the council of elderly Fons what Fon Chafah terms a meeting to bring back order in the Union and the respect why not dignity it disserves. Hear him “they are wasting their time, we will not allow them to run down NOWEFU, I am a fourth Grade Magistrate and has nothing to envy about Fon Teche, all I want is for him to do things the right way, uplifting my suspension on Ntumfor does not solve any problem at all, by the way they think that Ntumfor is a fool to accept that their move. Lets wait and see whether Ntumfor will abide. All we need now is to hand over leadership rule to the competent authorities in place so that the Union can be brought back on rail” ask yourself where was the SG of the Union Fon Dofoa Zofoa II of Babungo in that their staged Exco meeting as they claim?
Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle in his quiet corner refusing to be mixed up in that mud and consumed by a cross over fire stated categorically when accosted on phone on the matter,  that Roland “I long told you that I am tired of talking about this matter, let them be selling after the market, where were they when that suspension was meted, was it not cooked up by the same persons who are coming today to rub me in that same pull of mud, ask yourself the question why they waited to act only now and not when that decision was hot. I am too big for that their trick, they should leave me alone, Ntumfor is not what he is today because of NOWEFU, rather the Union Milked me, I don’t want to remember the past let them leave me alone, where are the Big and credible Fons?”.
At Press time, we are reliably informed that not long, a Delegation of about 40 Fons will pay Ntumfor Nico Halle a surprise visit at his Douala base residence to make amend for all the Union has wronged him with Fon Forbuzie of Chomba to broker for peace and there immediately after reinstate him as their one and only Ntumfor. There are likely hopes that Ntumfor will give in since amongst them is Fon Forbuzie who is reliable and trust worthy.  

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