Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Press Release

Practical Computer Education is the special book to use and teach/learn Information and Communication Technologies with much ease. ICT teaching/learning with ease, using procedures from very experienced team is now on Indiegogo.
Bamenda, Cameroon, June, 23rd, 2015 – Tobby Vision Computer Ltd announced today that it is raising funds via a rewards and equity crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to enable it update and reprint its 2nd edition of Practical Computer Education – their textbook to teach/learn ICTs with ease.
Tobby Vision Computers Ltd set out to raise $1,200 on Indiegogo to enable it update and reprint its latest book that is going to change the ICT teaching/learning in its school in particular and Africa in general.
This textbook seeks to inspire men and women everywhere to reach for a star in ICTs in a safe and healthy environment. The book is officially approved by the Ministry of Secondary Education for secondary schools. It is not only going to be useful for these students but all individuals interested to be educated and updated on using the latest ICT tools. 
Left to Right: Ayangwe, Mufor, Angong, Maxwell, Delphine, Maru (backing)

This book has come to make individuals study ICTs without teachers. Teachers can also find the book very useful.
Speaking to the Press this afternoon, the co–author and founder of Tobby Vision Computers Ltd stated “we have the vision of more ICT tools and use for everybody, share it”.
Tobby Vision Computers Ltd was set up in Bamenda in 2002 and legally incorporated on the 4th of September 2012. It is owned by Cornelius Tfurndabi Tawong and Mangoh Yinike. It has enjoyed early footing with it Practical Computer Education’s 1st edition. It sold more than a thousand copies in just a single public school – Government Technical High School Nkwen–Bamenda in 2012.
Men and women everywhere anytime need to rise for ICTs for just $7!
Cornelius Tfurndabi Tawong
CEO Tobby Vision Computers Ltd
Tel.: (+237) 675 425 551

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