Monday, July 13, 2015

Now that Operation Sparrow Hawk has Been Reignite: Mass Arrest of Embezzlers in Cameroon this Month

As French President Backs Biya’s Anti-corruption Drive

This sound note of support and encouragement on world attempt to fight corruption and embezzlement in all its form was clearly stated in the French President’s address to the Cameroonian Nation Francoise Hollande on the occasion of his maiden visit to Cameroon on the 4th of July 2015 to chart out security measures and strategies to combat the common enemy Boko Harram terrorizing the world with their suicidal bomb blast daily.
In the occasion that rounds up his African tour of mostly affected French African former colonies affected by the insurgencies of the terrorist actions of the Islamic sect, President Francoise Hollande lauded President Paul Biya’s drive against corruption and embezzlement which is the disease of our time which must be eliminated at all cost.
A sound and a firm note which certainly should be greeted with great awe by the Cameroonian head of State President Paul Biya who in his actions have been carrying on with the drive against corruption with much reluctance for fear of being contradicted or misinterpreted.
The coming of Hollande to Cameroon and confirming the actions of President Paul adds steam in the Biya’s good will intention to arrest, weed out, and stamp out corruption completely out of the Cameroonian economy.
The people, on their usual debate drinking tables are of the opinion that they will not be surprise if by next week Biya orders a series of arrest of corrupt government officials even those who happen to be a threat to his regime.
Certainly it is time for Biya not to spare any one since he has been given the green light and mandate by the one he most feared of his actions. With the supreme benedictions of Francoise Hollande, Cameroonians can be rest assured that President Paul Biya must be ruthless in the arrest of corrupt citizens and government officials this week.

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