Tuesday, July 14, 2015

At World Echoes Newspaper 2015 Trinity National Press Icons Award: They were Venerated for Astute & Selfless Service to the Nation;

Mayor Tanjong Martin Man of the Year, Tebe Beatrice, Mbombo Abel,Balick Awah, Governor Ivaha Diboua Samuel Dieudonn√©, Donfack Boudelaire, Prof. Ebai Egbe,Chief Mbonifor Isaiah, Hon. Njingum, Sadio Alice (SG APF), Hon. Mbah Edene, DO Emvoutou, Poss Alex, Tangwa Joseph, Itoe Peter, Sarki Umaru, Chalse Tegha, Ghogomo Simon, Tangye Joseph, Yah Nee Cecilia Ndi, Abong Judy Ngwe, Dr Kinge Thompson, Tamfu Denis, Tafili Magnus, Malionpe Magdalene, Barrister Kenmende Henry, Doh Norbert, Fon of Nkar  Visit the official Press Release still on the Blog to see other accredited winner etc.

At World Echoes Newspaper’s seventh anniversary and 2015 Trinity National Press Icons Award that played host at the all Saint’s Parish Bayelle Church at the Pope John Paul II Hall under the theme “Journalism for Evangelism, Using the Cross to Edify the World, invoking Powers from the Holy Trinity to Redeem the World”. At the occasion where World Echoes Newspaper Group Inc. International as a Media entity, officially join the fight and campaign against inhuman actions to the environment, terrorism in all its form and 21st century diseases.
They were specially venerated and highly honoured for their unreserved service to the Nation and humanity this 2015 through their innovative, creative, industrious and judiscious activities in their respective works of life.
For being irrational and impartial, just and being selfless in their actions to the Nation with all sincerity and devotion to the Nation, they were all at the occasion, recognized as Nation Builders of exceptional class mandated by the people and the Award committee to multiply their efforts and exceptionally crusade for world peace which is the fundamental force behind any growing economy. A peace loving Nation and a stable economy guarantees social security and carves out a better world for us all.
The occasion was also a medium to triumph over all principalities and challenges that had characterized the lives of these honoured Cameroonians in the year 2014 through 2015 moving onto 2016 steadily. “Dulce Edocorum est Propatrier Moree” how sweet and honourable it is to work and die for ones fatherland.  
Worth noting, the occasion was too gender sensitive and representative, leading the rank an file of women at the ceremony was Mayor Tebe Beatrice of Mbengwi Council, community developer of the year, Abong Judy Ngwe MINPROF Delegate, model and female right advocate of the Year, Yah Nee Ndi Cecilia Best MINPROF Director of the year, the Director of IRAD Mankon, 4th deputy mayor Ndop Council Malionpe Magdalene, Wainchang Cynthia best sport Journalist of the year, Comfort Musa of ACMS inter-alia.
Mayor Tebe in her debut of political career under the CPDM Platform has distinguished herself amongst women and left her mark, history so far holds to high esteem for planting steam in council management and animating pilot projects which are flexible and sustainable for her municipality. That alone has distinguished the Mbengwi council from other councils and the council we knew before her predecessor.
Another Venerable icon on the list of accredited winners is Prof John Ebai Egbe Director of the higher institute of Commerce Universty of Bamenda. He scores the shot as best University Director of the year because of his rich career profile and management prioress over that institution. After his secondary education in Sasse and Muyuka, he spent the rest of his college life in St. Fibars College Lagos and later did computer studies at RIMAX school YABA, went to the University of Lagos, where he sat for Mathematics and computer science, later obtained an MBA in the North London Polytechnic in Britain, took up employment with the Cameroonian Public Service and was awarded a scholarship to Leicester UK where he obtained another Masters in computer science., received training as a Manager in ENAP, went to Quebec Canada where he was promoted as professor consultant of the 3rd grade and highest in management. Before his appointment to UBa as Director of HICM, he has studied at the National University of Singapore on Common Wealth Scholarship and was a lecturer at ENAM for 18 years. He is the pioneer Director of HICM, the brain and author of the leading mark of that institution.    

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