Monday, July 13, 2015


-Rumor Harram blackmailers Put to Shame in Bamenda

The fast rise to prominence of Kendely construction Company has become a source of unbelievable  bad business rivalry in Bamenda. To understand why such rise should push an abnormal businessman (rival) in Bamenda to go to the terrible rumor aimed at bringing down his competitor, going by these qotations,
That is the true story of NDANG KENNETH a humble young gentleman from an almost unknown background in Momo Division. This tends to explain why his success resulting from hard work and honesty has worried some unethical business competitors in Bamenda so badly. But should business success lead to such BAD, FALSE and DEVILISH RUMOR FROM ANOTHER BUSINESSMAN FROM SAME TOWN, REGION, ANGLOPHONE ORIGIN? Perhaps this has come to once more prove that NtumforNico Halle was right when he said “ The worst enemy of an Anglophone is another Anglophone.” ThisAnglophone  enemy businessman seems to know no other business method apart from false alarm and blackmail. We gathered in the course of our investigation that even in food business where it is the taste of the food that should guide customers where to eat, this blackmailer spends a good part of his time also condemning fellow competing eating houses, telling any potential customer he meets that only his own food is worth eating, all other eating houses are nothing and that the food there is bad, what a terrible business tragedy? While it is our Editorial policy to generally stay out of issues business rivals , we also believe that we have a moral and civic duty to step in,name,shame and condemn bad business practitioners. That is what we shallhave to do if we must stop this blackmail that characterized behavior especially in Anglophone Cameroon in general and Bamenda in particular.
Government steps in
H.E LeleL’Afrique Adolf is the one Administrator who has travelled widely and has extensive experience on businessmen and tactics. However, he is quoted as saying that he has never had this kind of shameful business blackmail which if he had not acted fast could have put public peace and order at risk. He even wondered aloud how a normal human being can come about such an inhuman plan to cause panic and damage to a whole nation like Cameroon.
The CAMCCUL building at Commercial Avenue Bamenda he said is the pride  not only of Bamenda , but the entire North West Region and why not Cameroon? The contractor of this magnificent structure, KendelyConstruction should therefore be hailed and congratulated instead of being blackmailed by fellow business competitors. This has made me to treat any other rumor I hear here in Bamenda with much doubt”, he is quoted as saying in total disappointment.
He said having now received the independent excellent field Inspection report from the teams that included, North West Regional Delegation such as Public Works, Housing and Urban Development , Bamenda City Council,Regional Delegation of National Security, he can say with confidence thatit was an ill-timed blackmail.
It should be noted that Gov. LeleL’Afrique did not stop at the excellent satisfactory Inspection reports he received from the competent services. Upon his request, the internationally acclaimed experts of LABOGENIE fromYaounde took their turn to the CAMCCUL building on July 1st 2015 accompanied by Experts from MINTP, MINDHU,MINEPDED,CAMCCUL, BCC, MANBUY Engineering, Kendely Construction Company. The Geotechnical test carried for several hours on the site left the Experts very satisfied as could be seen from the site conclusion signed by all those present. No doubts neighbors to the said CAMCCUL building such as SDF Chairman Ni John FruNdi’s son,Grand Councilor Benjamin FruNdi and Pa Allo Martin told reporters that they found nothing wrong with the building reason why they had not complained anywhere.
          On the 27thJune 2015,close to 400 Delegates , Government officials from MINFI, MINEPAT, MINEPIA, MINEPIA, MINADER, International and National CAMCCUL partners like        PADMIR , ORANGE CAMEROON,MTN CAMERRON,GIZ, ADPAM,SOWEDA,UBC,Allied Tax consultants  ,etc. gathered on 8th Floor of the New CAMCCUL building . Judgingat the serenity that characterized both the opening ceremonies and the deliberations proper, the entire press corps presents concluded that the false rumor against the building had instead galvanized and united the CAMCCUL network more against its known blackmailer.
From the NW Governor represented by his SG Absalom Monono who presided over the opening ceremony , through the CAMCCUL President MUSA SHEY NFOR , Representatives of MINFI, MINEPIA, MINADOR, MINEPAT and Government Delegate To The Bamenda City Council all were unanimous about the growth, strength , credibity and maturity of the biggest network in CEMAC and CAMEROON.Some Delegates from the Northern Regions are said to have travelled for as many as three days just to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM)in CAMCCUL’s own building. A vox pox conducted in Bamenda City immediately after the inauguration of the New CAMCCUL Building at Commercial Building shows that more than seventy five percentage (75%) of the inhabitants are very angry with the attempts to slow down the progress of Bamenda and CAMCCUL by heartless detractors.The president of Njinikom Credit Union , the cradle of the Networkis quoted as saying “ I am now convinced that the head Quarters of CAMCCUL will always remain in Bamenda because of this imposing structure”  The GM of CAMCCUL MrTientchou Jonas visibly elated at the end of the meeting congratulated Kendely Construction for its excellence and promised to do all to make sure that CAMCCUL and its members benefit maximally from this building adding that three levels have already been rented out completely.

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