Friday, January 8, 2016

All Roads Lead to Ngoketunjia Mid January; Minister Bidoung MKpatt to Preside Finals of Hon Njingum Musa’s 2016 Ngoketunjia Unity Trophy

All roads lead to Ngoketunjia this mid January 2016 to be precise Ndop the administrative head quarters of the Division that will host another prestigious Ngoketunjia Unity football cup final donated by the Questor to the National assembly, MP for Ngoketunjia Nord Constituency Honourable Njingum Musa to be presided and chaired by Minister of Youth and Sport Bidoung Mkpatt.  

This programmed rendezvous follows a meeting organized by the Honourable MP Njingum Musa putting in place both a football cup competition and handball in three Sub-Divisions that make up Ngoketunjia Division. Both cup competitions worth several millions of FCFA puts to task 13 villages to compete in peace, unity and solidarity following fair play to come out with the finalist. The symbolic trophy has as prime motive to consolidate peace and cause Ngoketunjia sons and daughters to be more united and loving to each other so that collective their security will be guaranteed and development promoted.
According to the donor, Hon Njingum Musa, the competition meant to foster peace and unity should not be given any political coloration. He warned any individuals or groups who may want to politicize the trophy or misinterpret it purpose to stay clear. He stressed on the need of all the living forces in the Division to rally behind the organizers of the competition so as to ensure that the objective of the trophy is attained amongst 13 villages. 
He also notified amidst thunderous applause that just as the Minister of Youth and sport, his personal friend chaired the last trophy and donated for the field project 20 million, hear him “all thin being equal this years unity trophy will still have the honourable Minister to preside. The semi finals will be done in Balikumbat and the finals in Ndop centre with me to do the kick off. In this trophy there shall not be a winner or a looser, all of us at the end of the day would have won if we attain the goals and the objectives of the trophy which to consolidate peace and unity while enforcing collective security. You will be marveled with what you will see on the day of the finals provided we cooperative with one another”.
It is with this firm assurance and conviction that all 13 villages competing are doing all in their best to reach the final in order to enjoy the ambiance that will characterize the grand final this mid January 2015.         

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