Friday, January 8, 2016

UBa Now in Safe\Good Hands: North West Fons\Elite Hail, Venerate & Benedict New Vice Chancellor Prof. Theresia Akenji Kou

The newly installed Vice Chancellor Prof. Theresia Kuo Akenji on the 14 of December 2015 at the Asanji Hall most highly acclaimed and celebrated by the people of the North West after all the odds or the audiles “the baby Child University of the Future” underwent in the trust stewardship of Prof. Tafah Edokat Edward, has received a tornado of appraisal from the Fons and Elite of the North West Region most entirely.
Promising her first the supreme benedictions of the gods and the protections of the ancestors of the land. This, each of the four Fons of Tubah (of Bambui, Bambili, Kedjum Keku and Ketingoh) together with their counterpart Fons of other villages in the Region observed, promising her their absolute loyalty and trust to enable her exact the daunting task placed at her disposal with all judiciousness and meticulousness needed.
This attitude of the populations goes without gain saying any longer that the people were only happy for the tears the Head of State President Paul Biya wiped from their faces after all the odds that had characterized the University instituted there in by the eroded regime. Likened by the population “as people who never had the interest of the university at heart, better still upholders of egoism”. 


Out of too much excitement, this visibly elated population of the North West also cautions the New Vice-Chancellor to use her clear voiyance to flush out, if not take special care and attention on those mercenaries within, still loyal to the fallen regime with intension to ruin her government and mare her smooth transparent governance plan. 
The University of Bamenda since creation in 2010\2011 had known no peace to name; the consistent student strikes, entrance exams wahala, conflict amongst lecturers, infrastructural problem, recruitments, decentralization of faculties and the movement of the Chancellery to Bamendankwe saga etc.
With all these troubles, the prayers of the people rest on the shoulders of  “a much needed change of leadership rule and governance most especially as the outgun Vice Chancellor blundered a lot in his last days in office before he was sacked.
Sacked for good to regain his class room Lecturer post in the University of Yde II Soa and not the University of Dschang where he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Economic and management science. “That serves him right” are words uttered everywhere by all celebrating tongue most especially contractors and poor parents who saw their hopes dashed to the wall with the cut throat fees they had to pay to enroll and have their children study in a University that was given to the people of the North West as a gift by President Paul Biya which was later painted by the said, to look like a poisoned gift.
Only God knows what awaits those who want all for themselves and careless of others, the baby Child University, flaring tongues argue was not meant to be shared like groundnut or scattered all over the Region without haven’t had its roots deeply rooted in the ground. Now that a new vice Chancellor has been appointed most especially a woman product of an American University there is high need and reason for the people of this blessed Region of Cameroon to celebrate.
Reasons why the people of the North West Region has pledge their absolute loyalty and unflinching support to the New Vice Chancellor whose appointment was not influenced but motivated by merit and is not likely supposed to be subjected to any unnecessary pressure or unaligned influence.
The future is bright so say parents who throw flowers in the air in favor of Prof. Theresa Akenji that she must succeed by virtue of the fact that she is sitting on one of the fundamental pillars of the Roman Catholic Church national President of the CWA Catholic Women’s Association so no weapon fashion against her shall prosper.
As a sound note to detractors, they shall wait and labour in vain to see the downfall of Prof. Theresia Akenji’s regime “she is a Square peck in a Square hole, she sizes the cap, the future for the university of Bamenda is bright with Prof Theresia Akenji” says one renown North West Fon “These good governing qualities of hers was already noticed on how she chaired her first ever Senate meeting at UBa mid last December 2015 and the fact that she has ordered all support staff to reapply in order that she sifters ghost workers draining the university finance for nothing. We like her, God being her helper she must succeed” .
All these showered accolades onto the new Vice Chancellor Prof Teresia Akenji by the heavily elated population of the North West Region, does not go without also recognizing and appreciating the efforts of Prof. Tafah Edokat Pioneer VC in nursing and breastfeeding the University of Bamenda to where it is. To start from nowhere to somewhere is something commendable, it normally hard to accommodate by the heavily vexed population of the North but in all Prof Tafah at least tried her best. To head a university in a controversial town like Bamenda, seat of the opposition full of petition writing, blackmail, backstabbing, witch-hunting and outright pressure from above is not given to any one.
What the future holds for Prof. Tafah only God Knows as his detractors pray and fast for the racket steering committee to hook him. Close aids and family members pray God to give their brother\father\friend the much needed energy to accommodate all the persecution after all he put in at the University of Bamenda. After everything, living all to God, they must always say, but the big question is, why must they say only negative things? Only Prof. Tafah and the God he serves knows what awaits him. This right thinking analyst exclaim “in life there is time in time out, people come and go institutions remain so nobody should carry an appointment on his head at the mercy of laid down rules governing functions and exercise of power for you will only find yourself wanting at the end”.

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