Friday, January 8, 2016

Governor Lele L’Afrique Puts End to Esu\Elba Ranch Problem *Passes Ultimatum Barring Encroachers from Trespass

*Passes Ultimatum Barring Encroachers from Trespass
*Orders Court Cases Dropped
* Menchum SDO & Delegate of Environment Tasked to Handle Land Problems
*Elhadj Baba Emerge Victor & Vindicated
*As Esu Population Celebrate Peaceful Negotiation and amicable Settlement of Dispute  


The Governor of the North West Region Adolph Lele L’Afrique in conformity to his declaration to Mutation Newspaper refuting that he had no hand in exciting local administration to fan the Esu land palaver after Elhadj Baba Danpollu’s petitions to MINADT, MINEPIA and the Prime Minister’s office calling on a special Ministerial commission to put to rest and solve the problem amicably once and for all?,
Led a well constituted delegation to Esu on special instruction from the Minister of Territorial Administration and decentralization Rene Emmaneul Sadi on Tuesday the 29th of December 2015 to chart out course and map out strategy while in dialogue with the population to restitute order and calm around Elba Ranch second to be known in West Africa after the biggest South African Ranch.


While there, the Governor accompanied by the Fon of Esu Kumochu Albert and Elhadj Baba Danpullo visited the ranch and disputed areas. A working session immediately played host there after at the SDO’s Office of Menchum where both parties were heard and the Governor on a sound note of warning ordered no tress pass of encroachers, asking for all cases in court against either of the parties concerned to be withdrawn. Charging the Regional Delegate of environment for the North West to handle environmental problems raised, while tasking the SDO of Menchum Benoit Emvoutou to threat all the issues concerning or affecting the land in question following the law without impartiality.    
The genesis of the crisis hold premium to the fact that a set of misguided fellows and group of elite noted as “enemies of progress” with selfish interest had to excite members of the local administration causing individuals to encroach and erect tents within the Elba ranch occupied by Elhadj Baba Danpullo since 1984 harboring over 10,000 of thousands herds of cattle.


The bold Administrative initiative by the chief Executive officer and personal representative of the Head of State President Paul Biya, Governor Adolph Lele L’Afrique goes down history and is highly saluted as the beginning to the end of what was machinated by enemies of progress and Development in Menchum Division. The advent of the Elba Ranch in Esu to the right thinking Eus Man in particular and Menchum in general was the head way for sustainable development through improved live stock breeding, improved road network, employment, economic boom and why not infrastructural development of the area.
Far from individualistic interest and selfish machinations, the collective interest of the people is seeing preference in the staged crisis by detractors and the matter is in progress in order that peace and security is finally restituted in Esu once and for all.
Many a right thinking Menchum people ask and even invite the Governor to take all actions for the few orchestrators of the crisis to be brought to book because their mission was more in attempt to extort from the Multi Billionaire privately at the mercy of collective interest of the people, known as the richest man in Fracophone Sub-Sahara Africa according to the Forbes Africa Magazine.
The action of the Governor scores him another big shot in handling and settling land disputes in the North West Region of Cameroon seat of the opposition and most especially mends an a sundered relationship with the popular Multi Billionaire, Green Gold Business magnet and well known Agro Pastoral industrialist Elhadj Baba Danpullo proprietor of the Elba Ranch.


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