Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Anglophone Cameroon Struggle: Gov’t Intensify Crackdown on Secessionists; Son of Late Southern Cameroonian Activists Abanda Mathias, Devine Abanda Seriously wanted

With the Southern Cameroon liberation movement cum Ambazonian struggle for Independence taking a new twixt and going rift, the government of Cameroon is sparing no efforts and has taken upon herself to go fishing out sympathizers and frontline activist to help put restrain to the revolution that is growing in frequency daily. Reasons why organized raids and arrests are conducted in the trouble zones or areas unsparingly.
This decision comes from the security resolutions arrived at in the last security council meeting that took place on the 27th of June 2018 in Yaounde.

Going by its resolutions and ordinance, the forces of law and order have suddenly become brutal, breaking into people’s houses, raping, looting, and arresting at random.
The last scenario in Batibo weh precisely, has left untold suffering in the hearts of the people and unimaginable destruction of properties with human loses that cannot be counted.
As we news in, families of front line activists at home and abroad are a subject of serious attack since Paul Biya declared war on the Anglophones in March styling separatists as terrorists.
A particular case has to do with the family of late Abanda Mathias a staunch leader of the then Southern Cameroon Liberation movement whose family and children are still suffering persecution today most especially at this point in time where there is a serious man hunt after his son Devine Abanda currently living in the UK and followers Elvis MBAH, Eric Tebo, Daniel Abanda, Akum Julius for fanning the crisis and aligning with the purported armed militia group known for perpetrating terrorists attacks on the military.
As the situation goes worst daily, the military is equally radicalized and vandalized bearing in mind that there is absolute need for peace to be reinstated at all cost in these two English speaking parts of the country before 2018 Presidential elections slated on the 7th of October.     




  2. This is what the Biya regime in cameroon does to people who stand up for their rights. It is our Right to fight for our country Southern Cameroons Ambazonian. Nothing will stop us. Not even threats from that blood hungry government

  3. President Biya and His regime has committed Gross human right abuses against the people of Southern Cameroon. Mr Devine Abanda ana all other Ambazonians have their right to self determination