Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Cameroon; After Visits of Two Grand Masters Ahead of 2018 Presidential Election; Mr Biya Hopefully Going to Grant Presidential Amnesty to Victims of Anglophone Crisis?

It is likely and very obvious from the look of the socio political climate and situation in play in the Anglophone part of the country, that Biya will hopefully or must do all it takes to please the non receptive “BAMENDA MAN” radicalized and vandalized by the Anglophone crisis one month to the 2018 Presidential elections in Cameroon. It is very obvious that the visits of the Two Grand Masters of the Supreme Lodge has cemented his plans or has actualized his mission partially to pick up another 7th mandate in Cameroon. Now the target is the “Bamenda Man” and South westerners who since 2016 have stood their grounds that they want to be autonomous to the dislike of the number one Guarantor of the Constitution of the Republic H,E President Paul Biya.
Bearing in mind that  the ground work has been laid metaphysically by his Spiritual and exoteric directors, there then absolute need for him to strategize on how to appease the electorate.
The release of all victims arrested as a result of the Anglophone crisis undergoing trials and those sentenced and by extension political prisoners will do good to the Master planner.
In addition, the designed Yaounde declaration of 20 opposition political parties in addition to the People’s call and pending call from the civil society only goes a long way to strengthen Mr Biya’s march to victory.
Following security information and nosing around we of this organ are reliably informed that there are current discussion been held on practical possibilities and means to free most Anglophones in detention as the National Humanitarian plan go about its own quota pacifying the English common man.
It is not surprising and should not be held to question that all attentions are now drifted or tilted on how the regime will access the two English speaking regions of Cameroon for elections and campaigns without necessarily using brutal means.
With the untold suffering already meted on the people, the regime can no longer afford to go further miles as it will be deathly if the situation is not affordably and carefully handled in time.
Which is certainly the sole reason why there  is absolute need for the population to be pampered and cajoled. Anything short of that will certainly lead to confrontation on that D Day..
The future is pregnant and infested with fear as the Etoudi strong man is determined to take up another seven years mandate irrespective of all odds reasons why he is subjected to deep his hands wherever for it to work come rain come shine.
From the look of things, Biya has no challenger so far but for the Anglophone crisis and situation which he will do all in his best to bring to order or tame. It should be noted that just as he is determined in the 2018 Political race up, the radicalized population of the North West and South are bent on not seeing the civic exercise conducted on the English speaking soils. As they want nothing other than independence, which the Head of State is not ready to give. For now I rest my case only October will tell lets wait and see…affaire a

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