Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Icon of the Month: Our Dev’t Expert/Guru:How Fon Nganjo has Transformed Njirong into an Eldorado with his Billion $ Projects “Making Homeland America”

The Sacred Potentials Embedded in the Fon of Njirong
Fon Nganjo is a Seasoned Educationist and pedagogues of a supreme class who has suddenly chosen to go by the routine of changing times following the speed of evolution and at the centre of some if not all development works in his community, bringing back home development happens to be his major preoccupation and passion.
The agrarian, engineer cum development expert are attribute that best qualify and quantify this Fon from a royal class who normally is supposed to be served and is rather at the service of his people.
Blending education and technical know how, the Fon has been able to cause emergence of some if not all development trade areas in his community.  From agriculture, to live stock breeding, social welfare services provision, infrastructural development, nature protection, clean portable water, rural electrification, ecotourism, the Fon who double as our role model this month has harnessed and combed for the general wellbeing of his people.
The agrarian fondly called today, thanks to the master piece of patched development programs he is carrying out in the Njirong community torching basically every sphere of communal life, the people, his people can now or toady, heave a sigh of great relieve as he lay focus with his action proof development plans.
Fon Nganjo in few words is the “Batiseur” of the NEW Njirong Eldora, thanks to his ingenuity, the palace is witnessing complete face lift and the village cultural and development Association has been revived and it is leaving up to expectation.
The “fishers of projects” call him the torch bearer of Njirong beyond all reasonable doubt stands unique amongst most Cameroonians living abroad in fact, many a people are tempted to forget their people immediately they come across the ecstasy abroad. His case is different as he spares no time or minute without hunting for his people which today accounts for the alarming development been undertaken by him in Njirong and Donga-Mantung Division in General.  
 Fon Nganjo was crowned in 1998. He holds an academic qualifications; DIPES I, DIPES II and  MA in International Relations from the Unviversity of Yaounde I.


Share in the vision & Mission of our great Agrarian and Patriot as he Recounts;
My main goal is to completely eliminate or limit the number of youths migrating to urban areas or out of the country for greener pasture. As Fon of Njirong I will continue to lobby for aid for different development projects in the village. Getting everyone involved and making everyone feeling that they are part of the team that is changing the face of their communityis my mission. I am determined to eliminate poverty and ensure that there is food self-sufficiency in the community. Additionally, my main goal is to make sure that parents have sufficient income to send their kids to school as education remains the catalyst to development. Our intention is that at some point in the life of our village there should be a car in every garage, a graduate in every home and a chicken in every pot. These lofty ideals can succeed only if we empower our community not just politically but also economically and educationally. We can do this if we lead by example. In this case we are not just talking the talk but walking the walk and teaching by example. As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words. As a people’s servant, you must have a positive vision, embark in activities that are life changing and empoweringmany, encouraging  hardthe work and motivating the lazy. If you are humble, loving, fatherly, easy going and firm you will be an achiver.
Our Journey has not been solo and won’t be at any point. We are indebted to individuals, groups and organizations for their support. The European Union was instrumental in disenclaving Mbawrong, WICUDA USA recently supported the Water Project in Upper Rong, Honorable AwuduMbaya was active in helping us secure the solar panel electrification project in Mbawrong, the World Bank is engaged in the electrification program in upper Rong, the CDC gave the palms nursery in Mbawrong, Nelson Banser created the Banser Estate Ranch, Farmer Tantoh lobbied for funds for the Upper Rong Water Project, GICAFORM was involved in securing the secondary school etc etc.
We are still looking forward to the appointment of a Brigade Commander to the Mbawrong Gendarme Brigade created a few years ago. Also given that Mbawrong is the bread basket of Ndu Sub Division we are anxiously waiting for the appointment of the Chief of Agricultural Post created two years ago. Weare equally excited that GPDERUDEP is exploring the possibility of finally bringing portable drinkable water to Mbawrong. We have in our mind a soon to be created museum which would be located at the exquisite Rong Palace Plaza. Finally, we also expect GPDERUDEP to expedite the project to build dams to channel water to rice farmers in Mbawrong.
As an educationist he is paying particular attention to the education of his people. His efforts have been rewarded with the creation of Government Secondary Mbawrong, Government Primary schools Shokop, and Rong repectively. Fon Nganjo and Fai Bambtoo of Ntumbaw led a delegation to then Secretary of State for Education YongaTaghen that led to the creation of the Government Secondary School Ntumbaw. He has worked with the US based Northwest Fons Council to award scholarship to needy kids from his community studying in different higher institutions of learning in Cameroon. A three classroom and an office for the head teacher will soon be completed in GS shokop.
In the health field, a fully functional health center has been created in Mbawrong and equipped with aid from US donors and the Wimbum Community in the USA. The health center was recently given a new face lift at the cost of 22 million by the Cameroon government.
In communication infrastructure the Mbawrong farmlands have been disenclaved by a modern laterite road financed by the European Union. The village development committee through their self- help efforts have build four bridges to facilitate access and inter village communication amongst which is the bridge linking Rong and Ntumbaw villages.
As peace builder Fon Nganjo has collaborated fully and peacefully with the administration through the Divisional Land Commission to successfully put an end to the over 40 years of land dispute with Ntumaw by a Decision of Prefectural Order No 004/2004 of 1 st June 2004.
The Rong Development and Cultural Association (RODECA) has been institutionalized and rendered more vibrant and effective as a collaborative arm of administration at the village and sub divisional level.
The agricultural sector has been revolutionized. The CDC was lobbied to establish a palm nursery  at Mbawrong. Farmers from within and beyond the village have benefited immensely from this giant project as most of them now have access to improved high variety of palms at affordable prices. GPDERUDEP is also active in the region. They are not only offering technical advice but they have supplied improved variety of rice, maize and palms to farmers. Additionally, the Frontier Agricultural Development Authority of the Secretary of State Dr Gentry is equally active in Mbawrong in the domain of maize and palms production.  These institutions have transformed agriculture in the region as Mbawrong has become the breadbasket of Ndu Sub Division supplying maize, palm oil and rice in large quantities. There are equally large estates ofindividuals’ palms plantations in the area such as those of Dr Ngala and Minister Ngafeesson. In short commercial farming has been introduced in the area. There are small and medium size financial house assisting and giving advice to farmers on financial management. Recently the Community received a modern rice mill from ACEFA. This again will motivate farmers to produce more.
Rong village will soon benefit from electrification. The solar panel electrification program is a three hundred million project that will impact lives within and beyond Mbawrong.  The electrification p

roject in upper Rong is also on course. The contract which would be executed by Honorable Cyprain Awudu Mbaya is anxiously being awaited by villagers.
The Rong palace is currently under construction. It has been given a new face lift but much still need to be done. The water crisis in upper Rong will soon be History thanks to the efforts of Farmer Tantoh and the village development Committee. Work on this project is at an advanced state
Come to Know what Makes the Difference Clear in Njirong
Njirong is a village located 35 km to the South East of Ndu Sub Division in Donga Mantung Division. It is bordered by Ntumbaw, NsehMakop, SOP, Ntem and Bui Division. It is one of the largest villages in Ndu Sub Division in terms of surface area. Njirong (Rong) can be reached from the Adamawa and Western Regions through the Trans African road from Foumban-Magbwa-Bankim. Njirong is unique as it is one of the few villages in Wimbum that is blessed with two climates; the cold savanna climate on the plateau and the warm moist climate in the fertile crescent of Mbawrong.  The Rong village unlike others is diverse as it is inhabited by the Fulani, Yamba, Bamum, Bamilikes, Nso and Nigerians. It has fourteen quarters with an estimated population of over five thousand. Njirong village is culturally very diverse with institutions like the Mfuh, Samba, Toh,  cham, nwarong, and ngiri. Most of its people are fluent in  both Lamso and Limbum. Njirong( Rong) is the bread basket of Ndu Sub Division. The Nyanki and he Shuashua valleys in upper Rong are reputed for the production of cocoyams, groundnuts, bananas, maize, plums, plantains, and sugarcane. In the fertile crescent of Mbawrong rice, cocoa, palms, soya beans, groundnuts are produced on large scale. Cattle rearing is done in both upper Rong and Mbawrong. The Banser Estate Cattle Ranch is a new creation of the Fon that has added impetus to cattle rearing in the village, while redefining its eco-tourism potentials. She is an emerging community with lots of potentials and resources greatly harnessed, sustained and enhanced by its chieftain His Royal Highness Fon Nganjo.



  1. Great achievements HRH. I am so glad to be a part of this great accomplishments like the saying goes: Behind a successful man is a great woman. Long live HRH. Love you and always ready to support you in any way to realised our dreams and that of people whom God has entrusted in our hands.

  2. Great one your majesty,its via you that I came to practically understand that leaders are born,daddy we love you so much and pray for the good lord to open doors for u for more to be done

  3. Great one your majesty,its via you that I came to practically understand that leaders are born,daddy we love you so much and pray for the good lord to open doors for u for more to be done